Tuesday 5 August 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2014: The Juggler

Hello you.

Today's scavenger hunt find is one of the items I didn't expect to be able to cross of the list [the list was created by Rinda of Gallo Organico]; a juggler.

It's just not someone you bump into everyday is it? [Not that you should be bumping into jugglers at the best of times; it could cause them drop their balls ...]

I suppose I thought I'd find one alongside wherever I found another of the items on the list: A Parade. But no - my parade featured Air Cadets marching around in uniform ... and there weren't many circus-skills in evidence there!

So, imagine my optimism when, while mooching around The National Centre for Craft & Design  in Sleaford, I spotted this promisingly-titled exhibition:
And, after a scan around the display my eyes happily alighted on this ... a juggler! 
It's a soft sculpture made of padded fabric body parts ...
... and ... just in case you're sitting there saying 'How does she know that's meant to be a juggler? She's probably just making it up so she can cross it off her list.' then ... ahem  ... allow me to clarify ...
Which means that I'm now just a sunrise, a public garden and a tattoo short of a full house!

BTW: we did ask a staff member for permission to take photos of the exhibition. And you can find more of Anna Steiner's work here on her website
But if it's some slightly more amateur [although no less expressive ... ] art work you're looking for ... then look no further:
Alongside the exhibition there was a table covered with coloured papers, glue sticks and scissors and a sign inviting you to 'Make your own acrobat' to add to a shelf filled with those made by visitors/school groups; and James took them up on the offer. [Cutting up paper felt too much like a bus man's holiday for me!].

Rather than follow the instruction sheets, he went his own way, cutting out a tiny acrobat which he then carefully positioned behind the others on display:
A tiny clumsy person who can't stay upright ...  
... I just can't imagine who he based his design on ... ;-)


  1. What an unusual find -brilliant!
    Your closing remarks have me smiling.

  2. 337.50... Really... There's a a number for you monthly round up!

  3. Great find! I'm pretty sure I'll have to use a substitute for the juggler.

  4. Now that is a great find! I am quite jealous :)

  5. omg....that is so good....I would love to have seen the whole exhibit!

  6. I love a find that isn't the traditional option that pops in your head when you read the list :) James' Acrobat is great too!

  7. That's definitely my favourite juggler I've seen so far


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