Wednesday 20 August 2014

Filling a Junk Journal: My 'Summertime 2014' album *Part 4*. The 'scavenger hunt' photos

Ahoy there.
This series is an attempt to show how YOU could use a junk journal ... by sharing how I've been using mine to document my summer. Like a relaxed scrapbook, photo album and filing system all in one. 
You can catch up on the previous episodes here:
Today let's consider how you might want to put your junk journal to use because, as well as being decorative and fun to make, they can also be a practical place to store and present your photos too.
The 'Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt' pages:
While I've been sharing my Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt [hosted by Rinda at Gallo Organico] photos here on my blog, I also wanted to have a printed record; one I could flip through in the depths of winter, or in years to come, to remind me of the days of summer!  

To do this I made photo collages of the photos - 2 to a page - then printed them out on to 4x6" photo paper. This made them an ideal size for my book pages which I decided to keep quite simple.
I didn't need a lot of journaling on these pages as the category titles already have it covered and each photo has its own sticker label:
I typed out all 21 labels at the start of the project so they'd be quick and easy to add as and when I found the image to match without me having to get the typewriter out for it. [And, as you'll know from this post, my typewriter isn't the most portable of devices!]
The majority of my Scavenger Hunt photos share the same page layout of:
  • photo
  • category title 
  • scrap of patterned paper
  • date stamp
Plus I did throw in the occasional [ancient] photo corner under the notion I might be reviving an old trend ...
... but I equally forgot to do that more times than I remembered ... so maybe the trend needs a bit more help before it's fully resurrected! [I guess I can go back and add them in any time!]
And I haven't done anything as restrictive as add them to the journal in number order or by precise date taken. After all this isn't a historical document that researchers will rely upon for chronology!

It's just a nice, expressive, book which is gradually being filled with photos of weird hats, garden gnomes and bears etc ...
... so I simply allowed the journal's relaxed 'junk' style to filter through into my approach to completing it; there was just no need to add any pressures or 'rules' which could possibly deter me from enjoying documenting my summer however and whenever I felt like it!


If you've missed any of the other ideas my journal has spurred me to share with you, make sure to scroll back up [or hit the 'Home' button] to return to the opening of my post where I've linked to the earlier instalments.
There's one further approach/technique I plan to share from this project ... so I'll be back with that soon.

See you then.

Julie :-) 


  1. I've loved this little series on what to do with a junk journal:) I had the very same idea of using mine for scavenger hunt photos!

  2. Wonderful. If I had seen your journal beforehand, I would have joined the photo challenge. Next year :)

  3. What a fabulous idea for the Scavenger Hunt photos. I haven't really been grabbed by the Hunt this year but maybe now I've an idea of what I could do with them maybe I'll get motivated. Thank you

  4. I love the corrugated cardboard around the back end of the album, it looks so much neater and yet it doesn't detract from the junk ethos of the whole thing. I shall be using that..... on some albums that have been annoying me for some time.

  5. This is turning out to be a really fun summer keepsake! I love that you are including the scavenger hunt photos! Your free/rule free approach resonates with me :)

  6. this is the no rules approach

  7. And to think I have just thrown out a load of photo corners! Your eclectic pages always make me want to rush and and try my hand ...


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