Saturday 2 August 2014

Junk Journals: Inside my 'May 2014' album. Part 2:: The foldy-out, lifty-up, store-that-in-there type pages

Hello again.
This is the third post in which I'm sharing one of my complete junk journals to inspire you to try this relaxed style of self-expression for yourself. And today I'm going to focus on ways to add extra interest to your pages by adding interactive elements and storage pockets.
It's also a useful post for anyone who's bought the 'Blue sky and Blackboards' self-contained Junk Journal kit as that's the kit I used as my starting point:
If you're interested in or have already bought the kit I'll point out which items are from it as we move along - LOOK OUT FOR THE **asterisks** AS THEY DENOTE THAT THE ITEM MENTIONED IS PART OF THE KIT.

If you missed any of the other posts in this series you can catch up here: 
Inside my 'May 2014' album. Part 2:: The foldy-out, lifty-up, store-that-in-there type pages

In my earlier post I shared the various styles of simple page design I'd used in the journal< Now today I'll focus on those pages which not only look nice ... they serve a purpose too!

Using envelopes & pockets:
If you're using your junk journal as a memory-keeping album then you'll probably have lots of ephemera [receipts, leaflets, tickets etc] related to that moment in time; and you'll need somewhere to store it all.

I've used a clear pocket*  [you get 2 in the kit] here to hold a restaurant business card:
One of the good things about using a clear pocket is that not only do you not forget what you put in there ... you - and anyone who's browsing through your album - is more tempted to take it out and have a look. It's not so secret and hidden away!

The clear pockets are available to buy individually in my Etsy shop for just 45p!! [and with FREE P+P when purchased with another item it's worth picking up a few with your next order!]

I've also used them to hold a mini-photo:
And with the popularity of multi-pocket-style scrapbooking ... this style will be familiar to many scrapbookers; it's just on a smaller scale! [Plus, the pockets will hold the regular 3x4inch cards from multi-pocket scrapbooking suppliers.]
Alternatively store receipts etc out of the way in a handmade, hand-stitched, pocket*
Or else decorate a regular envelope with a photo from the event in question [with a washi-tape tab on the flap to remind you that it's there to be lifted].
Here the outside features a photo of me near to the restaurant; while inside I've saved the receipt from the meal:

'Lift-the-flap' fold-out pages:
First up, greeting cards make ideal pre-folded  and, more importantly, decorative 'lift-the-flap' elements in a junk journal.

That particular envelope* above is from the kit and it comes complete with this greeting card* which is our next example of an interactive page ...
I stuck the adorable card on to a page made from kraft card then added a label on the front detailing what you'll find when you open the card ...
You can then decorate the inside of the card with some collaged elements too.

Washi tape is also a quick and easy way to add a flap to your page:
Here I've managed to fit two photos on to my petite page by attaching the 2nd over the top of the 1st using a strip of washi which acts as a hinge:
[BTW: the size of book ring I've used is also available in my shop - at just 70p - it's large enough for you not to have to worry about over-filling your journal!]

And finally ... rather than a lift-up page here's a fold-out landscape design:
It's simply made from a band of 11x12inch card stock folded in half, length ways, then the outer short edge was edge-punched [which isn't necessary - I just liked it!].

You can decorate the inside of the fold with anything you like but I used a section of a page from an old book which complimented my photo ... and finished off with a few song lyrics:
And there we have it, they're all the interactive pages of my 'May 2014' journal ... I hope there's something there that you'll remember to try and make your own next time you're tackling a mini album like this.

When you're working in such a small scale it's good to have a few tricks up your sleeve that can make the best use of the space! It's like IKEA storage ... for your junk journal!

If you've enjoyed this post please share it with others in whatever way you share [Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, word-of-mouth]. Reaching new eyes, new like-minded creative folk [and yes, potential customers] is s one way I can continue to blog here regularly and share my creative ideas for free.

Thank you!

Do let me know if you've tried any of the techniques we've been looking at in this journal.

Julie :-)


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  1. hmm, don't know where my comment went from your sharing of part 1 of the insides, but it went something like "have been using recycled cardboard for years, but always disguised it with pretty paper". Now I think I'll have a go at a more junk style journal, especially like the blanket stitch pocket. Might have even been persuaded to do the Scavenger Hunt too. Thanks so much, nice to see something original and accessible.

  2. Loving your new Junk Journals Julie.
    Claire xx

  3. Can't wait to receive the junk journal (and 'bits' kit) from you so I can have some mini fun! Back in 2004 I made at least three mini books which I loved; have no idea why I stopped creating except that I was working fulltime, overcome with the increase in scrap supplies/options, whatever. Anyway, one of the mini's I made can be seen here:
    Looking at it now I think I want to run down to my craft room and CREATE! Hang the dusting and vacuuming! haha!

  4. Great tips. I'll have to try try out a few once I receive my kit.


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