Monday 11 August 2014

Overheard: An off-the-cuff remark

Hi, hi.

It's been too long since I shared some everyday conversational gold sifted from the general hubbub of life so here's the most recent nugget I've overheard. Except the thing with this one is that it wasn't so much overheard -  as it was said directly to me and my friend ... here's how it went ...

Date: Friday 8th August 2014
Location: A gift shop, Ripon.

My friend Janet had been looking at gifts for her son which featured deer / stags on them and, in this particular gift shop, I spotted a pair of stag's head cuff links which I thought she should see. So I  called her over and she picked them up.

At that moment the young assistant moved in and, assuming it was the cuff links rather than the stag design we were interested in, she directed us over to a larger display with the words:

"We've got more cuff links over there'. Except ... that's not quite right

That is not what she said to us.

It's undoubtedly what she meant to say.

It's what Janet thought the girl had said as she followed her over to browse the display.

And part of me really hopes it's what the girl herself thought she said ... because, as long as she can keep assuring herself that that is what she said to two potential customers browsing for an innocent gift for a son, then she'll be spared the embarrassment. The mortification felt by the young.

Because ... as she swept her arm in the direction of the larger display of gentleman's accessories ... what she actually said to us was ...

"We've got more hand cuffs over there'.

And no ... she wasn't directing Janet to some early merchandising for the 50 Shades of Grey movie ... it was actually just a joyfully magnificent Freudian slip! 

I think it was the knowledge that, by witnessing it, I had my next blog post all wrapped up that kept me from spluttering out loud right then and there!

Will you join me for a moment to share in my hope that it never dawns on her what she said? Either that or we all start making donations to her future therapy fund ...


Wishing you an embarrassment-free week ahead.

Live long and eavesdrop my friends!

Julie ;-)


  1. Julie, I am "so glad" that I didn't just take a big gulp of coffee before I read your post or it would've ended up all over my laptop screen. Too funny! : )

    Have a nice day!

  2. Just had to smile at that one Julie !!

  3. This had smiling & smirking!!


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