Wednesday 6 August 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out: A fully fledged surprise

Hi there.

Whenever I've joined in with Zoom In ¦ Zoom Out [a photography/storytelling meme created by Helena] in the past I've always done as the title suggested; zoomed right in on the focal point of the story, then zoomed out to explain the wider context. But today I'm swapping that around ...

Zooming Out ... 
Yesterday I needed to use the printer so came downstairs from my workroom, turned it on and, while waiting for it to leap into life I looked out of the window into the garden. So far, so mundane. I know.

But at that very moment, completely at the whim of serendipity this just happened to be what was waiting for me on our decking:
No, I don't mean the stones, or the patchy wood stain, or the ferns ... they're always there. I mean the little thing. On the floor. Can you make it out?

No? OK then ... how about now?

Zooming In ... 
I know!!

Mostly cute, partly prehistoric-looking and entirely unexpected this freshly fledged Dunnock chick was a sight to behold!

I first realised we had a nest - which is at the bottom of our garden, wedged between the fence and a clematis and right near the hook where I clip my retractable washing line - when a bird shot out of the undergrowth every time I put the line up! Not that I knew for sure there were eggs inside ... I was always taught that you don't touch nests ... so I didn't!

Then, one day, about a fortnight ago, when James put his hand in to clip the hook up ... three beaks emerged over the top of the nest and ever since then it's been a little like Springwatch here!

After watching, and identifying the adult birds as Dunnocks we read up about them and their habits etc including how long they take to fledge. But I never expected to see it happening!

Only the day before I took these photos this chick, and its 2 siblings, had been still happily sitting in their nest. Then suddenly - right when I needed to use the printer - there it was, on my decking!

I watched for a while as its mother hopped around nearby trying to get it to follow her around the plant pots and into safety, tempting it with the food in her beak and her repeated tweeting but then ... I continued on with my day. And so did they.

And now ... they've all gone; flown the nest.

But at least I got a farewell photo!


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See you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. lovely capture of the baby bird. Great timing...

  2. That is adorable. It looks way too young to fly!

  3. What a precious baby and what a blessing for you to be able to be witness to it! Thanks for sharing the pic and story with us. : )

  4. such serendipitous timing and so lovely to see that stage of their progress

  5. Wow, what an amazing photo!

  6. Great timing Julie. The baby it looks far too young to fly but obviously not as they have all 'flown the nest'! What a lovely thing for you to experience.

  7. Isn't that fantastic! Fabulous pairing. And I do hope they remember your garden next time they are looking for somewhere to nest.

  8. Oh, what a wonderful ZIZO shot!!

  9. What an awesome shot of the little one. I am always amazed by new life.

  10. Wonderfully told story as well as a photo with real 'ahh' factor. ThankYou :).

  11. Lovely shot of the fledgling. Glad you had a nest, the world needs more dunnocks :)


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