Monday, 28 February 2011

The perils of being so busy you'd eat cardboard if it was offered.

Hi, hi, hi.

I'm busy. And it's not that I mind being busy, on the upside it keeps me out of mischief, it keeps me off the streets and it keeps me quiet ... almost.

[If you're sick of hearing me mumble on about how busy/tired/stressed I am right now ... imagine what it's like for James who has to live with me!]. ;-)

Apart from that mumbling and grumbling being busy has a few other side-effects ... which, in the interests of full-blogging-disclosure I thought I'd share with you ... I'm sure you're just the same ... hopefully ...

Side Effect 1: Absent Mindedness.
  • Yesterday I very nearly put a container of salt in the fridge.

Side Effect 2: Postponing lunch until you're so hungry you'd eat cardboard.

  • This happened one day last week and a quick, desparate scan of the fridge for something speedily edible failed.
  • So I turned to microwavable tinned delicacies. Specifically these which James had sneaked into the supermarket trolley a few weeks ago:

I love you 3rd & Bird. A great deal. But boy-oh-boy does your pasta taste like a warm corrugated cardboard in bland tomato sauce.

[p.s: Kirsty - don't let the little windmill shapes sway you! Save your money and eat a box instead.]

Once again I'm reminded of the importance of making my lunch the night before. When I suddenly realise how hungry I am it's always such a relief to find something ready and waiting for me in the fridge.

Just so long as it's not a container of salt [See Side Effect 1].

Side Effect 3: Stir-craziness - leading to rash and embarrassing actions.

  • I spent much of yesterday indoors, sat at a table, repeatedly embossing, punching and sticking pieces of card to other pieces of card for a magazine project.
  • When I finished and began tidying the remains of that project away .. ready for the next one ... I spotted a scrap on the floor which called out for me to pick it up and do somehting embarrassing with it.
  • So I did:

I think I'm rocking the 'haughty WW2 pilot' look. Either that or the 'mad woman who's been breathing in too much paper dust'. I'll let you decide ...

[If you're wondering where you've seen me with a 'tache before ... it's probably this you're thinking of].

Side Effect 4: You really can't fit everything in you meant to do plus, as if you had nothing better to do, you decide to do a random procrastinating blog post .. like this one.

A while ago I said I'd announce the winner of my Tips for the Twitter-curious giveaway today:

I did meant to do it in a post of its own etc etc and I meant to write out all the names of those who entered but ... apparently I'm too busy [have I mentioned that?]... so instead I just checked back through the comments and links left by those who blogged about my class ... put the number in the Random Number Generator ... it gave me No.2 and No.2 was .... Rebecca E. Parsons.

Thanks for your support Rebecca - I'll be in touch so I can set the bird collage free and headed your way.


OK then ... I've got a Month in Numbers post to write, while watching Glee and here you are trying to distract me by keeping me here, blogging this nonsense.

Busy-busy people. Busy, busy!

See you tomorrow.

Julie :-)


  1. I love your randomness (especially the moustaches) because knowing that there's someone out there as nutty as me really helps me get through my busy, stressful times too x

  2. Thank-you for the reminder that my day will go better if I make my lunch the evening before and put it in the fridge. It'll need a do-not-eat-me-till-xxx sticker on it! Right, where did I put that stringy cheese ...


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