Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: February

Hi, hi, hi.

So, that's month No.2 under our collective belts then. How was it for you? Too quick? Over in a flash? That's the kind of thing people say about February isn't it?

28 days = The number of days in February. A fact which people always comment on. But really it's only, at the most, 3 days shorter than any other month so how come it has such a marked effect?

I could have used those 3 extra days to work on deadlines ... but then, I'd probably only fill them with tea-drinking, web-surfing and general frittering. So perhaps it's all for the best ...

7 = the random number which has emerged from amongst the random scratches on our dining room floor:

All I need to do now is keep my eyes peeled for 5 more random numbers scratched into the tiles ... then I'm putting the lottery on ...

57 = number of screenshots I took and then prettified to illustrate my Tips for the Twitter-curious class:

That was a lot of editing. A lot.

I even taught myself GIMP so I could get the exact style I wanted. ['...taught myself GIMP' is such a weird thing to hear oneself say ... ].

But the class was well received and people have made positive comments about the look of the whole thing ... so it must have been worth it.

[If you still haven't dipped your toes in the Twitter waters ... don't forget that the whole series of posts can be found here].

2 months / approx 52 days earlier than last year = when I first 'pegged out' my washing on the line! They even dried too. But, and please don't tell the scrapbooking police, I didn't take a photo of it. I know ... what's wrong with me?

If you need to see photographic evidence that I do indeed have a washing line ... [I know, you're anxious for proof] you'll have to refer to
last year's photo instead. Yes, there is indeed a last-year's first viable-spring-day-to-peg-laundry-online photo. This really could turn into some scientific climate monitoring ...

2666 = the title of the novel I'm currently reading:

898 = the number of pages in the aforementioned novel. And you thought my progress updates while reading Wolf Hall were painful ... at only 660 pages Wolf Hall was a mere appetiser for this tome!

12 = the page I'm on as of today. And so a year of 'oh God is she still reading that book' updates begin ...

£37:99 = the price of a pair of unusual leather boots I spotted in the Clearance section of TK Maxx:

I hadn't intended to buy more black boots. But they were such a find I could hardly resist.

Asking James for his opinion he responded: 'They're a bit weird'.

'You say that like it's going to put me off' I replied.

Then I bought them.

2 = the number of charity sacks filled with coats and bags from when I cleaned out the hallway. Yes bags. I'm voluntarily getting rid of bags. That can only indicate one of two things either:

  1. I'm being virtuous and trying to simplify my life ... and my hallway ... or;
  2. I'm clearing a space so I can buy more.
At the moment it's actually No.1, but we'll see how long that lasts.

18 = the number of items arranged in the 'grand hallway re-hang':

We only had a handful of things on display before, but after receiving some new [mainly birdy] pictures for Christmas I needed to branch out on to a new wall ... or two ...

I might start charging for entry to my gallery ...

There's a few people revealing their numbers along with me this month:

So how about you? Are there any February numbers of your own floating about that you'd care to throw this way?

Or maybe you just want to make a note to start logging some numbers during March instead and check back in with me at the end of the month instead? If you let me know you're playing along I'll link you up here so everyone can drop by and see.

Either way, keep in touch, I'll look forward to hearing your vital statistics.

Julie :-)


  1. Hi Julie, Have been viewing your month in numbers of the best part of last year and decided to do this each month this year. I shared mine at the end of Jan & Feb. You can find Feb's here



  2. Now, I'm not really a numbers kind of person - but I'm definitely an ooh, look at your lovely hall kind of girl! I hope that will do instead :)

  3. An Art Wall! My kind of thing exactly! I think I will hang a collection of something good on the wall, going up the stairs - that's once we've painted out there... sometime, never... hmmm.
    Your "mostly birdy" pictures look lovely (and I'm slightly jealous of that gorgeous bench...).
    I vote for More Bags actually (how brave to give some away!).

  4. LOVE the boots and really, that hall is jusr ridiculously fabulous. Ours is so dark and gloomy and more akin to the London Dungeons than anything even near resembling yours *g*

  5. LOVE those boots!! Thanks for letting me join in xxxx

  6. Oh! I remember the day that I downloaded GIMP onto my desktop and thought I'd die of shame if anyone non-photography ever saw it! :)

  7. Hi Julie, I was feeling so contrite at not having blogged all month long that I thought now would be a great time to join in! You can find mine here: http://worldselsewhere.blogspot.com/2011/02/february-in-numbers.html

    I'm another admirer of your hall, I love your silhouetted birds on a wire.

  8. Love those boots - not weird at all & your gallery is gorgeous :D
    I used a set of Tim Holtz stamps to make the word numbers on my layout. Thanks for letting us join in with your month in numbers :D

  9. Can I come and see your gallery? I'm willing to pay! :) And I will bear the numbers in mind for March.


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