Tuesday, 22 March 2011

That certain something ...

Hi, hi, hi.

How's things? I'm off work at the moment on an oddly placed 'Spring Break' from Uni.

It's neither a half-term nor an Easter holiday and as if that wasn't confusing enough I've been feeling ridiculous each time I've had to say the term 'Spring Break'. It just makes me think of all those stories you hear from America where students get drunk and girls enter into wet T-shirt competitions and inadvisable relationships ...

I, on the other hand, have merely and innocently been working on a Papercraft Inspirations magazine commission. Which is just as well really, because I can at least blog photos my exploits without losing my job.

Well sort of. I can't actually blog the projects I've just finished until after it's published. However I've had to take a sneaky close-up of one of the items so I could show you this:

It's just a place called 'Kirk Ness' on an old map of the Shetland Isles which I spotted when I'd decided to incorporate a map on to the thing I can't show you, however ...

I've been enjoying thinking of it more as a term which could be used to describe something which feels like either my work or just me ... for e.g:
  • "That collage made from old tat has a certain kirkness to it";
  • "Ooh there's a special kirkness to that old bird ornament."
  • "Her scream of terror at that passing dog had a defininte ring of kirkness to it".

And so on ... you get the picture! Don't you? Or maybe I'm just a little lighthead after being so efficient and productive these past two days. I mean ... I've only knocked over a pot of painty-water and a bottle of stamp cleaner once so really ... the success could easily have gone to my head ...

For the record: I splurged the stamp-cleaner on my jeans, the ones I tend not to wash very often as I like how soft they get ... and on which, rather than leave a stain the spilled cleaner fluid left a clean patch!!

Oh the shame ... yet ...

Yet that whole scenario does have a certain air of 'kirkness' to it ... wouldn't you say?


[So tell me ... what has an air of your name to it?]


  1. LOL! Will have to give that some thought! Intrigued by the sneak preview ... When's it coming out?

  2. Thanks Alexa - it should be out in about 3 issues time - so maybe June!

  3. Am glad the fabulous one sounds as accident prone as me :D

    Love the look of the project and am highly jealous of kirkness :D

    OH says some stuff I do has been Cambo'ed... not totally sure it's a compliment ;)

  4. Hudful - I like to think of it as soulful with a touch of quirkiness and a sprinkling of joy.

    I like this game - there are many words I could invent!

  5. And let's just say that you definitely have 'kirkness' down to a tee x


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