Sunday, 20 March 2011

Art Journal Challenge: Weeks 10 & 11

Hello, hello.

I'm feeling virtuous.

This is due to the following:

  1. For the first time in years I resisted the temptation to go to the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza which was held this weekend in Harrogate. This was decided after the '3 craft shops in 3 days' trip I went on with friends a few weeks back in which I wasn't so virtuous. My debit card got a lot of action that weekend.
  2. I cleaned out the greenhouse today [not a euphemism]. I swept up and discarded slugs and mouldy tomatoes from last autumn and everything!
  3. I seem to have caught up with all of the prompts for the UKStampers weekly Art Journaling Challenge.

Here's proof of the latter at least. My response to the prompt for Week 10 which based around the idea of 'One Week', recording the things you did during that week with evidence!

My week involved returning home from the aforementioned crafting weekend, going to work; buying scarves and notebooks; going to see Count Arthur Strong's stage show and spending a day at the crop ... just in case the 3 days of crafting I'd just returned form hadn't quite fulfilled my creative urges!

The 'evidence' includes a bus ticket home nicely spattered with paint and ink:

... and till receipts:

It was a 4-notebook week. Excessive even for me ...

I had a hand in selecting the theme for Week 11 [as I mentioned here the other day] to list 5 things that make you scared and use a scary colour on the background.

Now then ... before we go on ... would you care to guess any of my 5 things? I bet you can get at least one of them right:

Considering that, to select the theme for this week, I'd randomly flipped through an old dictionary until Effie [who sets the challenge] said 'stop' when I then read aloud what was on that page ... how funny is it that the definition we came across ... the definition of 'scare' involved dogs?!!

After that, there really was no way that I wouldn't be incorporating that exact definition on my actual page:

Yeah - no prizes for guessing that they'd make it on to my list-of-fear!

[The little character is a Gorjuss Girl who I saved from the envelope of a birthday card sent to me by the lovely Andrea .]

Finally here's the rest of that list of things which leave me shuddering :

In fact, just last night I screamed - startled - at the TV when an advert for some show involved a big ship tipping over in deep water -combining 2 of the horrors on my list in one vile moment!

So, those 5 are the main contenders right now ... but really ... I could have gone on ... I mean, I haven't yet covered large aeroplanes; head injuries; stigmata; loud noises; looking down a stairwell; not being able to check emails; never writing a book; the incorrect use of apostrophes ... and on it goes ....

And after all that I feel obliged to finish like Crimewatch always did ... so please ... don't have nightmares.

[Dear Subconscious - I hope you're listening to that too. OK? OK.]



  1. Now had I known about the Great Northern Papercraft Extravaganza my weekend might have been a little different. *sigh* credit card statements do scare maybe not! x

  2. Parking - as long as I can reverse in - is about the best thing I can do with my car :P Parallel park - forget it!

    Love these, this might be an interesting theme for me to try and get over my blank white journal page.

  3. Great post.. always makes me smile!

  4. I guessed your first one but no mention of smelly cheese?
    Don't worry about missing Harrogate I bought enough for both of us lol

  5. Wonderful pages ... What a great way to record your week. I might even give it a go. I'm so with you on the incorrect use of apostrophes...

  6. Two super entries and a little giggle or two !!

  7. Fantastic pages, both so pleasing to the eye :D


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