Thursday 24 March 2011

Sometimes *they* catch *you*.


As a part-time freelancer and maker of things ... I spend a good proportion of my time seeking out opportunities, trying to gain momentum ...

... hoping to promote myself, my words and my wares to you, to customers, to editors ... in short, to any and all other living creatures!

I plan out expressions of interest; proposals; submissions to magazines. I draft out ideas for future workshops; I keep my eyes peeled for guest blogging slots; I'm alert to the calls for work, submissions etc from people/magazines and journalists on Twitter.

I scribble down ideas for new product ranges I'd make for my etsy shop if only I had the time ...

Add to all of this the pressure I put on myself to achieve 'something' ...

... and it's little wonder that all this chasing tires me out from time to time.

But I ought not to forget that there are times while I'm running in one direction and chasing something ahead of me ... someone unexpected catches up, runs alongside me and asks me to do something for them.

And I can stop running. And catch my breath. Like when I was commissioned to personalise a special journal:

The request came from out of the blue. From someone who I've never met, but for who I'd made a journal for a while ago. When it was the only thing I could offer them during a difficult time.

This new journal is to record the good times.

And I couldn't have been happier to make it [even though I cried when they asked!].

Remembering this has helped me get over myself and a [relatively fleeting] pity-party I had with myself yesterday regarding all the chasing I do ... when sometimes I'd just like to be hunted down.

Because, as this journal proves, sometimes I am hunted down. Sometimes I get asked to do a job such as a journal which will never appear in a book or magazine, but which is ultimately so very important to the person who commissioned it.

And therefore to me.

How about you remind me of that next time I drift off into self-doubt? I think I'll go and write it down and pin it to my brain so that I can remember to rest awhile, safe in the knowledge that someone, somewhere is recording the details of a real, colourful, spirited life ... in a book I made:

Thanks for stopping by to take a breather with me today.



  1. That is a breathtakingly gorgeous journal, just crying out to be filled with wonderful things.

  2. Fabulous little book...It's good to stop and breath now and again!

  3. That's such a great post! I know what you mean about the chasing around, looking for opportunities etc... and I also have had someone "catch me" a couple of times - I felt so lucky and so pleased!
    The journal is beautiful and I'm sure the recipient/customer/friend will be delighted to use it.
    Must go... I'm off to finish my preparations for an opportunity I did manage to catch while running hard - in the right direction for a change!

  4. What a lovely, lovely post. I really know what you mean with the chase, chase, chase. Though I am in a kind of chase (but am I good enough?) falter,and fall cycle at the moment. And then when people do catch me I am so flattered I thrust my stuff upon them for free *g* My OH is at the point of tearing his hair out at me. ;)

    you would never know you have these moments from your posts - you are so upbeat usually :)

    Love the journal - especially that page with the disclaimer! :D

  5. That is a gorgeous journal & the person who commissioned it will love it.

  6. So glad that you get seen by others, because you deserve to be. :) The journal is delightful and designed with such care and attention to detail, and sure to imspire whoever gets to use it! Nil desperandum...


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