Friday, 5 March 2010

The one where she goes on about having friends

In a couple of hours I'm heading off on a crafting break with my best [real life] crafting ladies:
We'll be doing lots of crafting and eating and laughing. Just like last time:

Plus, I think we're going to manage to squeeze in a small stash-shopping trip too. Naturally.

Earlier this week I attended a day-long workshop at Art from the Heart taught by the amazing Dina Wakley:

I'll probably blog more about it soon but just to say it was a completely wonderful day; Dina was one of the nicest people and most natural, inspirational teachers you could ever wish to meet; it was such a rewarding arty experience. But I realised on my way home the one thing that would have made it better still ..... having one of my crafting friends sitting alongside me.

I'll see you soon with photos of the crafting hi-jinks and malarkey. I mean, last year I let some demon death spirits escape from a chest freezer so, who knows what could happen this time?

See you soon.


ps: there's a prize challenge going on at Banana Frog, if you have any of their stamps head over here for more details on how to win.


  1. Have a fantastic crafty weekend, Julie.. look forward to hearing about it!
    Hope you're going to show us what you created with Dina too.. I love her art, it's amazing!
    Love your BF Colour Focus project too, by the way.. esp how you coloured those Matryoshka Dolls.

  2. Have a brilliant weekend! and yes let's hear some more about Dina :)

  3. Have a fantastic weekend - just be careful near any deep freezers x


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