Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Planes; trains; automobiles and bikes

Inspired by today's Scoutie Girl post 'We Scout Weddnesdays: Planes, trains, automobiles and bikes' here's a whistle-stop trip through some transport-themed ... things:


Paper Planes

Trains: James on the platform waiting for the train to London last Friday:

How come I take a photo of him looking thoughtful, wistful and cold ... while the one he took of me:

...appears to have captured me in the midst of a mind-altering vision? Why is that?

Automobiles: My post 'I'd Like tTo Copy' feature over on The Copy & Paste Project today features a few photos I've taken from a car window while in transit - check them out here.

...and bikes: Here's a page I made to commemorate getting a new bike after not having rode one for almost 20 years!:

The Bike

And here's on I made about how enjoyable it is to ride:

Freedom + Speed

And finally ....

Here's one depicting just how I felt after falling off the aforementioned new, enjoyable bike:

Happy travelling!

J :D


  1. Great sequence of LOs about your bike! I love the offset circles in the new bike LO x

  2. Had a chuckle at your planes LO.. love your arrows pointing to the paper plane in each photo. And the bike LO sequence.. priceless!

  3. I love the sequence of your layouts too, just love the making paper planes one, gorgeous memories. I am so sorry that you are hurt, I so hope it is not broken but this is probably sorer like this, hope you are better soon.

  4. Thanks all :)

    My bike mishap was actually in Summer 2008. Nothing was broken and apart from the odd twinge in cold weather my arm's much better now. But thanks so much for thinking of me <3

  5. Were you in the middle of a vision?! Great theme for a post :)


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