Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Something's lost.

I can still remember the first time I saw The Lost Boys.

It was a Sunday afternoon and we'd borrowed the video [yes, an actual VHS video ...I feel rather old now!] from someone. I even remember watching it with the curtains closed - to help the atmosphere along!

Right there and then I fell in love with the film. At that particular time I loved pretty much every last thing about it; the sharp dialogue; the theme of not fitting in; the music; the leather jackets ....the long-haired men in the leather jackets ....

And Corey Haim.

Then on Twitter today I spotted the words 'RIP Corey Haim' and did a sprint around the internet looking for more details. You just never think that someone who, every time you see them, reminds you so much of your youth can just stop being.

It's just so sad.


  1. so incredibly sad. i LOVED corey haim.

  2. Your post got that feeling just right. "It's only noodles" is still part of our lingo between my hubby and I.

  3. Agreed. I love that film too, and remember the excitement of having that vhs video in my hand.

  4. I've a feeling that it's one of the few movies I still own on VHS, might have to dig it out as I've had a few bars of music stuck in my head since I heard the news.
    It also began my vampire obsession but that's another story


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