Friday, 19 March 2010

... and I quote ...

Greetings all.

If you've dropped by to see me from Rebekah's:
...then hello there, how's the birthday girl doing? Did she send you here to see if there were any quotes you could use in your crafting ... or did she tell you all I'd be supplying the alcohol? I certainly have some quotes and I even have alcohol ... but I've not found a reliable way to attach that to a blog post just yet so the words will have to sustain you for now!

If you've not dropped in on me from Rebekah's then hello to you too please play nice with my new guests.

Rebekah thought that some of her readers might find inspiration from some of the quotes I've been adding to my blog over the last few weeks. As I'll be adding a new one each week, I've created a page to keep track of them all. See that tab called, appropriately enough, 'Quotes'? Up there ^^^^^^? Yep that one under the header? Well, that's the list I'll keep updating so do drop in on me again sometime to check out my latest quotables.

For now though, here's a link to the quotes I've blogged to date, complete with their accompanying, illustrative photos:

By Words
Books v Life
A Template
Populating Solitude
A Series of Coats
Everything I Learned
The Birds of Sorrow
No Bird Soars Too High

I hope you find something to interest you in amongst them. They're all quotes, phrases, extracts etc which I've made a note of as and when I've discovered them - so they all have a personal significance to me.

That said, I'm not averse to checking out sites such as Think Exist and Brainy Quote when I have a topic in mind but need a suitable quotation to go with it.

If you do make anyhting based around a quote you find in the list - do let me know - it'll be great to see how you interpret them.

Right then, I'll let you get back to your blog party mingling at Rebekah's, see you again soon maybe.

Julie :)


  1. Thanks for creating the handy list Julie :) I know exactly which quote I want to use! x

  2. I can think of quite a few of these that will be useful - have now got future layouts floating 'round in my head! Thanks for the inspiration Julie!! x


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