Monday, 15 March 2010

The 'Root of All Evil' box

This is one of the [many] projects I completed on my recent long weekend of crafting and eating with friends in a cottage ... in North Yorkshire ... in fits of laughter ... in elasticated waisted jogging bottoms ...

It's a money-box ... in case you couldn't work it out.

Based on a prototype created by Gail and Jean they gave us each a blank chipboard 'flat-pack' type box to construct and decorate and turn into a money-box.

Before glueing the two sections together we covered the top section with our chosen papers and made a hole for the coins. I decided to use up two of the faux-bois, woodgrain, papers I've been saving for something 'special' as I liked the idea of having it look like a wooden box:

Plus I reckon it was a postmodern use of materials. [But then, I have been reading a book on postmodern theory over the last week so that might explain that].

Next we had to cover the base with paper, before threading florist's wire through four wooden beads to form the feet, before gluing the two flat-pack sections together to create the cube:

Or .... as Gail memorably [if unintentionally] put it: "you need to cover your bottoms first ... then you can adjust your feet".


The stickers I used are from two sets by Lotta Jansdotter for Chronicle Books, while the 'I Want This' / 'Buy This' labels are from a set of mini-Post It style notes called Get The Hint: Wish List Tags:

I added the quote: "The pursuit of money is the root of all evil" because:

[a] as you may know, I never feel a project is complete without a few words on it somewhere and
[b] I thought it was quite ironic and clever and funny and stuff...what with it being a money-box an'all. [Obviously you may have a alternative opinion].

Unarguably I used a combination of Studio G alpha stamps and rub-ons to appear ironic, clever, funny ...and stuff.

I punched a scalloped-edged strip of Onirie paper for the border around the top then borrowed some gloves from Jan, took the whole thing outside and assaulted it with spray inks from Crafty Notions.

I used a mix of Lippy Licious - a bright pearlescent pink - and Raspberry:

I was really pleased with the final sprayed effect but I do wonder if 'Raspberry' [as seen on the skull below] wasn't something of a colour misnomer?
I was thinking that something like 'dried blood spatter' might be more suitable:
Do you think Crafty Notions would go for it? No, perhaps not ...

Hearts, wings, glitter, flowers, woodland creatures, blood spattered skulls ... one of the most interesting things about crafting with a group of people is seeing how, despite beginning with the same basic ingredients the end results are completely different:
[Photo by Hannah]

Thank you Hannah, Gail, Jan, Andrea and especially Jean who organised everything and fed us like we were royalty, for making the weekend so much fun. And, considering that Jean booked our next weekend on the day we came back from this one I think that I might have something to save up for in my new money box!



  1. Great weekend Julie looking forward to the next one and I hope more delightful and deep meaning quotes!!!
    Get saving those pennies in your fab money box.

  2. Wow they all look gorgeous lined up next to one another, I love them, and the spray mist on your is gorgeous.

  3. Looks like you all had a fab time! Great money box, and what fun to see how everyone's turned out so differently.

  4. Definitely think you've been working for GA too long - not everything needs a funky name ;) Though I agree it would be appropriate


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