Thursday 25 March 2010

Overheard: Horsing around

The following bizarre, context-dependent, statement was made by a games department lecturer during a lecture [Feb 09]. I love how in the course of my job I get to hear sentences such as this!

Games lecturer: You have to read the text book to the horse so it falls asleep. Then you can get its teeth.

Of course you do. Apparently she was describing how you achieved something in a computer game, but you knew that already ... didn't you?

Nostalgia Trip

Photo: Layout from Summer 09, made using a combination of Whitby donkeys and Banana Frog stamps.


  1. Sounds eerily similar to conversations my friend and I used to have when trying to battle through Terry Pratchett's Discworld games. Logical just doesn't work. "Replace the croquet sticks with the hammerhead, the flamingo and the bird" was one such discussion. I love gaming :)

  2. Mmm..I don't know anything about gaming, but I do know someone I could try this out on..

    Love the donkey page, you've got the colours just right for the nostalgic look :)

  3. Flitting straight to the quote, I didn't read it was a Games lecturer who said it, and was thinking it was a vet student perhaps? Really wouldn't have guessed it was computer game related.. haven't played a computer game since Pac-man.

    Gorgeous donkey layout! Love how you stamped the title on patterned paper.

  4. You hear THE most interesting conversations, I have got to start hanging out in your neighbourhood (after a visit to your turquoise and yellow living room of course!)

  5. Love that blue on the Lo - just perfect. Not to mention all the bridle-looking bits ... Great stuff!

  6. LOVE your title letters. Perfect papers for your LO too.

  7. (Was about to comment earlier when I got distracted (as one does) by a mouse in the crisps corner ... It's been one of those evenings!

    Great layout! :D Love the 'pin the tail' picture

  8. No I had to think about this before you mentioned computer games, and I just love love this layout, the pic of the girl pinning the tail on the donkey is divine.


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