Sunday 28 March 2010

You can't take my Liberty.

The new Liberty of London homeware designs for Target in the US have been the talk of blogland and Twitter for several weeks now [at least it has in the blogging and Twittering circles I frequent!].

Then, this week anyone in the UK who'd been pining for the chance to get their hands on some of its flowery wonderfulness had some good news, as it's now available via

Seems like the gods of all things print + pattern are smiling on us!

So, having thoroughly browsed what's on offer [and, not for the first time, wished I had a birthday soon so I could start a wish list!] I added a few Liberty-esque patterns to my 365
pattern collecting set in my Flickr gallery.

Just a few flowery items from my wardrobe including what I consider to be my first real 'party' dress since I was 12!


The first time I wore the dress was when I attended a wedding reception which had live music greeting the guests as they arrived. As I walked through the doors the banjo player exclaimed "I like your dress". Which all sounds rather flattering doesn't it? Yet ....

... considering that this is what he thought would be a good idea to wear when he got up that morning:

...I'm not entirely sure if I could take his words as an unfettered compliment ...

Anyway, here's a few old projects featuring floral prints, for good measure:

Pretend That You Love Me!
'Yes' Circle Journal - back cover
5. Fireplace

Before I go, as I mentioned in my previous post about patterns - where I unleashed my inner leopard - I seem to have got into a habit of accompanying my pattern posts with a suitable show tune. Today I've wracked my brain for a flower-themed musical tune and the best I can do is the following from the Flower Drum Song.

I suppose that anyone who can put their hand in their wardrobe and pull out 9 flowery items without even trying must, in some quite obvious ways, enjoy being a girl:

Thanks for reading.



  1. That truly is a party dress! Loving the florals x

  2. The way I see it you can go 1 of 2 ways if you play the banjo... but just bc he chose option B doesn't mean he can't spot a pretty girl in a pretty dress. :)

  3. Well, I like your dress too x

  4. Pretty prettiness, as always. :) x


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