Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Toilet humour.

If I began a blog post with the line "I saw something in a public toilet today and couldn't wait to share it with you." would you feel like reading on?

I hope so .... and look ... you're still here now, reading this bit so maybe you will hang around after all. Despite the less than inviting circumstances.

I'm all of a sudden thinking that, after
last week's 'Overheard' post - which also featured toilet-themed humour - you're going to get the wrong idea about me. But you know how I'm driven to draw connections between things and sadly, that involves recognising how often I've taken photos in or made note of things I've seen / heard in toilets .

[I am however, resisting the temptation to analyse any of it and reckon we'd both be better off if you do likewise].

Anyway .... here's a quick re-cap of my bathroom escapades:

First there was this layout about a teeny, tiny toilet at work:

The Littlest Room

[There's a larger image and more details - should you wish for more! - here].

Then there was this sign in the toilets of an antiques fair:

A rogue Dentist / graffiti artist woz ere.

I remember that, while taking this photo, I had to cough to cover the sound the camera makes si that noone knew what I was up to! Although the fact that I'm now confessing it all to you kind of defeats that level of cover-up doesn't it?

Then finally here's the reason for this post, here's what I saw in a public toilet today which I couldn't wait to share with you:

I know the photo's not ideal, but it was taken on my phone in something of a hurry. No one wants to be caught taking photos in a public bathroom do they?

In case you can't make it out - that's the mathematic symbol π - as in Pi. So it says:

"I like Pi"
...and it made me smile.
I like to think it was written by really happy mathematician who really wanted to share:
  • her love of the geometry of circles;
  • her love of pastry-based foodstuffs and
  • her capacity to invent corny puns,

... all by pencilling this little message for whomsoever used the facilites after her to enjoy.

In fact, I think it's just the kind of perfect high-brow graffitti you should expect to see on the wall of a university library toilet!
I know that we've now reached the point in a blog post where I'm meant to hand the topic over to my ask readers and ask you to share any similar experiences you may have had.
But, quite frankly, I'm afraid to ask .....


  1. You know, I really have not taken much notice, but I do know about the toilets that someone silly must have made where you have to stand to the side of the bowl to close the door, I guess I often have a 3 year old in with me so this takes my sense of adventure away completely, must take more notice. Just love it, had to laugh with your coverup attempts not to be seen. Priceless. lol

  2. I love toilet humour probably being a mum and a nurse helps!!

  3. I love the happy sharing mathematician but I'm a bit sad I've never seen something so interesting in a toilet. Will have to pay more attention in future…
    (Taken out of context that sounds v wrong.)

  4. So glad I'm not the only one to take photos in toilets! The public ones under the square in Florence are beautiful and deserved to be photographed. It wasn't the noise of the camera that bothered me so much as the flash!


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