Wednesday, 14 April 2010

No Rain, No Rainbow.

When T.S Eliot wrote that "April is the cruellest month" do you think he was referring to how hard it is to judge the correct weight of coat to wear this time of year? Or perhaps he was bemoaning the havoc that springtime showers wreak on your hair?

Or perhaps not.

But it is that showery time of year and while it may very well bring with it frizzy hair and damp cardigans, it sometimes leaves behind a rainbow.

I'm not sure if that's what had happened to create this in the sky:

This photo, of a beautiful, entirely unusual meteorological phenomenon for this neck of the woods, is brought to you on what I'm calling my first fully digi-layout'. Because, well .. because it is my first fully digi-layout.

A while ago now I made my first ever digital page, but I ended up printing it out [this is the result in fact], mainly because of my desire to touch 'real' paper than anything else!

But a few weeks ago, when I found the Kitschy Digitals 'Vintage Cameras' digi-kit on offer on Jessoca Sprague's 'One Buck Wednesdays' ... I had to have that rainbow Polaroid camera! To satiate my paper craving I've printed out lots of the items from the kit to include on hybrid pages at a later date.

If you check out my Project of the Day :

... over on the Banana Frog blog sometime between today [April 14th] and April 26th, not only do I have another rainbow-themed layout, I also have a pot of gold waiting for you .. or at least a chance to get your hands on a set of stamps! Just hop over there and read what you need to do to be in with a chance to win.

Right then, before you go rushing off, I'll leave you with the song behind the title of this post. You've had your rainbows now here's your 'No Rain'. Ahhh it takes me back a few years to a wet, muddy but rather fabulous Milton Keynes Bowl ....

... but that's a story I'll save for a rainy day.



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  1. Pretty, pretty layout and I love your PotD (it's a tiny bit 70s, I think, but in a very cool way!).

    Also, I shall now forever imagine T.S Eliot with frizzy hair and damp cardigan, possibly smelling a little bit of wet dog (Pollicle dog, most probably). So, thanks...



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