Thursday, 22 April 2010

Overheard: Don't blame me!

Again, this is something I heard whilst in a Games department lecture. The lecturer in question had a really good rapport with his students in lectures but you never quite knew when he'd land a question or challenge upon someone in there. At times, despite me not being a student ... that included me.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the moment, during an exchange I had with him, I got a dangerous taste for making an auditorium full of people laugh. An event which, for quite a few weeks, caused me to entertain the idea that I could give stand-up comedy a go.

Luckily that urge has now passed ... I think ...

Anyway - back to the overheard:

Lecturer [half jokingly]: Well maybe if you took your headphones out you’d have known what I said!

Student: Oh, I can hear ... I just wasn’t paying any attention.

Heard on: 24.02.09

Illustration: Headphones sketched in pencil, outlined in black fineliner and coloured with Letraset Promarkers.


  1. Love that quote. Not sure what it says about all those involved though :)

  2. Honesty is often the best policy they say.
    Quite like the sound of you doing stand up comedy do you want to practise at the next crop?

  3. Thats quite funny, at least he was honest :)


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