Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just 7 more things ...

One of my Twittering friends, the very lovely Green Gal, tagged me in one of those blog award type things and now I have to carry it on by telling you 7 facts you might not know about me. So here goes ....

1. I say a variation of the phrase "Have I ever mentioned how much I love Twitter?" on an almost daily basis. In fact, I'm probably overdue one today, so ... have I ever mentioned how much I love Twitter?

2. I recently spotted this crate in the garden of the elderly couple next door:

Is it wrong and/or odd that: [a] I've got a crush on an old crate, and [b] I didn't stop James taking a photo of it for me?

3. when I was a Learning Mentor I once played a double cowbell in a [very short] Samba recital [long story]. Now I can never hear this song, which I utterly adore, without remembering that performance!

4. When we replaced our garden gate I kept bits of the old broken fixings because they reminded me of birds' feet .....

5. Once, when I was going through a rough time, I woke in the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I put in my headphones and turned on the radio just as this was playing [not this exact version - but a live recording of it just the same].

I already loved the song but stumbling upon it at that particular moment in time was really quite special for me. Don't think I'll ever forget it.

6. I'm dog-phobic but have rather fallen for our [other] next door neighbour's new puppy. She whines when I go into the garden and tries to scrabble through the fence to reach me and while obviously I'd die if she managed it, I do quite like how she pines for me:
[I know what you're thinking ... what's with all the photos of my neighbours' gardens? I don't know .. it's not a deliberate collection ... let's just agree not to tell them eh?]

7. I've been living out one of my philosophies during the last fortnight. The one which says "Leap and the net will appear" [with a touch of "If you don't ask, you don't get"]:

I asked [please insert the word ' the amazing' before each of these] writer Jack Thorne; art journaler Dina Wakley, comedian & writer Alex Horne; textile artist Cathy Cullis; artist & illustrator Corrina Rothwell; photographer Carl Mole; the ladies at Sumptuosity and Miss Cay the food blogger for Domestic Sluttery to all contribute something to the blog party we're having over on Copy + Paste next month.

And they all accepted my offer [thank you, thank you, thank you!!]. So all other things being equal it's shaping up to be a fantastic party weekend - do drop by and see us. Do.

Now you know 7 more factual things about me ... but I bet I've given away a few more indirect ones too ...



  1. I love the bird feet/gate fixings, I imagine they go on adventures when you're not around and always get back to their spot just before you appear in the garden.
    And as for your neighbours, I'd love to hear their side of the story with the dog and the crate and their very lovely, if a little bit odd, neighbours who keep photographing their gardens!

  2. Spooky-freaky lives crossing paths moment (again) - the audiobook I mentioned to you included a very similar analogy about crossing between tall buildings and trusting there's a safety net in case you fall. Your success in doing it is super-inspiring. As ever.

  3. I had a similar late night moment with Champagne Supernova by Oasis. I was up really late studying for my A Levels (um...way back when) and needed a moment just to relax - it was on the radio at just the right time. I love it when that happens!

  4. I do not think it is at all wrong that you've fallen in love with an old box. I quite fancy it myself. I think you're a woman after my own heart :)

  5. ps. I was once very taken by a crate which said 'always sell your eggs in strict rotation' on the side. I adopted it as a kind of philosophy for life.


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