Tuesday, 6 April 2010

365 Patterns: Spring greens.

We had plans for yesterday.

Plans which involved the great outdoors and great outdoor sculpture at
Yorkshire Sculpture Park. But when awoke to the sound of wind and rain our plans turned to something a little more indoor-oriented like baking and blogging.

Seeing as how we were going to be stuck inside all day it seemed the perfect time for J to try out the banana and chocolate cake recipe I'd pulled out of a magazine for him. Obviously this was purely so he could further add to his baking skills. I'm considerate like that ...

Once all the mixture was poured into the main tin there was just enough left-over to make a cup-cake. A cup-cake whose case [oh so happily and coincidentally] co-ordinated splendidly with my new nail varnish!
The nail varnish is actually called 'Ninja' but I prefer to think of it as something rather seasonally spring-like. [Plus, I didn't know you could get green ninjas and have just had to spend precious moments of my day Googling such a thing. The definition of 'green ninja' given by the ever-blunt UrbanDictionary read: 'a moron, a witless boob'. Ha! Next time someone annoys me I think we both know the insult I'll be hurling....!].

Where was I again? Before the witless boobs? Oh, yes, allow me to illustrate my bright, happy springtime thoughts with some verdant patterns from my 365 patterns project:


I love green. It's quite possibly my favourite colour [But I do love all colours, so very much, how could I choose? It's like a mother having to choose between her children! Harder even .... ;)].

If you want a closer look at any of the above patterns or to see how my entire pattern catalogue collection is building up the do have a browse here, there are 104 photos in there to date! That's not too far away from a third of the way through the entire project, which puts me in mind of how quickly the year is passing and also how I still need to find 261 more patterns before December! It's daunting but somehow I think I'll manage it. I'm already planning a week of 'patterns from inside a man's wardrobe' which, if you read my post last week about James's trousers, you'll know a man's wardrobe can throw up a few patterned surprises!

Oddly enough [or not, considering how you all know by now that I'm a pattern-a-holic] after I'd made the above mosaic I realised it was rather similar to these:
'These' being the cupboard doors which I use as notice boards in my craft room. I decided to prettify the plain white doors by PVA-ing lots of scraps of my favourite patterned papers on to them - so much better than having them hidden, unseen, in a box:
A year on, they're still in pretty good shape [i.e. nothing has dropped off yet!].

I could have almost sworn that I'd showed you these before - they featured on the Scrapbook Inspirations blog once - but I thought I'd used them on here. Apparently not. But then, I'm not the only one with a memory lapse around those doors. Last week my sister was in the room and said 'Oh, you've covered your doors'. Of course she's right, but I did actually cover them 12 months ago ... I'm not sure how she forgot that .... but I love her anyway!

OK then, I'll get onto the now traditional segment where I provide you with a showtune accompaniment to the theme of my pattern updates. Except .....

....seeing as how the theme of today's post was 'springtime' there's only one, obvious tune which sprung to mind. I can't emphasise enough the internal battle I've had over whether or not I should offer you a certain aptly named show-stopper from Mel Brook's The Producer's ... but instead I think I'll just leave you with a dignified silence.

[Insert your own spring greens themed showtune here].

Until next time,


p.s: got my Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book today ... and it's very pretty!


  1. I need to find myself some doors to be covering...
    Oh and I 'urban dictionaried' pink ninja to make it more relevant to me; you don't want to know what the results were!
    Lovely patterns too - have fun finding more.

  2. ooooo you defintaely need my green wallpaper.x

  3. There's one thing that makes spring complete for me,
    and makes every Sunday a treat for me,
    All the world seems in tune,
    On a spring afternoon,
    When we're poisoning pigeons in the park.

  4. I'm reckoning that your (very fetching (I used to have some just like it)) Ninja nail varnish is most probably named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! :D
    Green is definitely my most favouritest colour. Love the cake cases ...

  5. Hannah: I daren't even look at your pink ninja! :-O

    Darcy - I was actually writing this post when I saw your paper!

    Clair: Yay! I love Tom Lehrer!

    Anna: Of course! It's turtle green. Trust the mother of a boy to have thought of that!

  6. It's a long story, but I was *being* a ninja yesterday afternoon. Once again with the spooky coincidence!

    (Is very, very lovely nail polish, btw.)


  7. Oh dear.... I couldn't stop myself looking up 'pink ninja' in Urban Dictionary. Intriguing how it can have two very opposite meanings!

    LOVE those cupboard doors and your whiteboards.. I can see me borrowing those ideas in my new craft room-to-be!

  8. LOL. Love the green nail polish. I bought an outfit around a nail polish once - many years ago! I still have 2 Miners polishes from the 60's - yellow and blue. Those were the days!.


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