Friday, 16 April 2010

365 Patterns: Buttons, fat-quarters and sunglasses.

Earlier this week I showed you this:

... the fat-quarter / fat-half [sorry, I never tire of saying that!] bag I made in a day.

Inspired by its materials, the additions to my '365 patterns' project this week include the fabrics I used, some button-y cushions and a sunglasses patterned T-shirt:

Buttons; fat-quarters and sunglasses ... not much of a title is it?

As for the sunglasses ... I threw them in there because I didn't think I'd have a themed week specifically for fabrics with sunglasses on them anytime soon. Although, if there's a sudden rush on them this summer ... I'll stand corrected.

Now please, all hail the return of the patterns + complimentary showtune feature. Sunglasses aside, I've gone for a 'buttons' inspired tune. So please enjoy a little something from Cinderella:

Cinderella. Buttons. Pantomime? Get it? You see what I did there .....? Anyone ....?

Now, don't look at me like like that, it's not as corny as the other option I was going to go with ....

See what I mean?




  1. Ooo i have those buttony cushions, loves them.

  2. Great selection of button themed patterns but don't show them to Gail they may just push her over the edge!

  3. Loving those buttons patterns - I think I may have seen/coveted one of these on a recent trip to Ikea!

  4. Hey! I'd just like to say that I resent the incineration that I'm some sort of arsonist with a latex fetish! ;) Hope you're having a lovely weekend ... :D

  5. I love those buttons, they are hawwwwt, the above comment was a little weird LOL

  6. Great patterns!
    LOL Anna, "some sort of arsonist with a latex fetish!" haha that is weird but very amusing!


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