Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Overheard: Fun on the farm

Last Spring we went to an open day at a local farm. Scattered around the farmyard were some adorable signs hand-made by the farmer's children directing us around the various points of interest ranging from the pig sheds to the place where the family dogs were kept! We saw several extremely newborn calves and then ate home-reared beef burgers [talk about the circle of life] whilst sat outside on hay bales .... in short, it was a grand day out.

Not that everyone there might have come to the same conclusion ...

As we hovered around the cowsheds, I heard the following rather tense exchange between two parents:

Man to woman wh, until then had been peacefully observing the newborn calves: Didn’t you hear your son? [Do you reckon he's always only 'her' son when he's being naughty?]

Woman: No. Why? What was he doing?

Man: He was shouting…. very loudly!

Woman: [mildly exasperated]: So? He’s outside. On a farm. He’s alright.

Man [clearly annoyed began looking around him for further evidence that she was in dereliction of motherly duties...until he smugly declared] Well, he’s near some chemicals now!!

Turns out there weren't any chemicals, just some containers of water ... but you've got to wonder if the husband would've been happier if the child had fallen into a vat of fertiliser ... just so he could have taught his wife a lesson!

Photo details: Lamb on the farm open day 29.03.09

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  1. Honestly that sounds like any given exchange b/t my lovely husband and I, whenever I'm stupid enough to drag him to something like that. Except with more sneezing on his part.


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