Saturday, 17 April 2010

Party planning

You know how I have another blog? The one that Kirsty and I sort of vaguely call a challenge / inspiration / motivational-prod blog? The Copy + Paste Project?

Yes / no / maybe? Well, next month that other blog will have been up and motivationally-prodding for a whole year and in lieu of either us having children's birthdays to base festivities around, we're holding a blog party/ virtual soiree/ get together/ 'do' / mingling opportunity over the weekend of 7/8/9 May and, obviously you, my home-team, are invited.

So let the flag waving commence:

[See that small-boy-look-a-like with the flag? That's me. When I was 1. The flags were for the Silver Jubilee street party celebrations. There was even bunting. Real life bunting. Now that's a proper party!]

The Copy +Paste party is going to be packed with special guests who we've personally [holding our breaths in hope they'd say 'Yes'] asked to contribute something to the occasion. Fortunately for us [and our lungs] we are both now breathing again as, one by one, they've begun to accept our offers.

Until we have everyone confirmed and shuffled into an orderley queue we're trying to keep their identity a bit of a mystery. Basically we want to whip you into a frenzy of speculation and anticipation.

My apologies if you feel used, but it's a blog-eat-blog world out there ...

But, seeing as how I like you, how about I give you a few clues as to who our special guests might be? If you fancy stretching your powers of deduction then why not dust off your best Miss Marple hat or Columbo rain coat and see what you can interpret from this:
  • We've invited a wide range of amazingly creative people to take part.
  • No two people I've personally invited work within the same artistic field.
  • Some, I've met in person.
  • The others ... I've always wanted to meet. But ...
  • All of the people who I've invited [and who've accepted my offer] are people I follow on Twitter.
If you want to go sleuthing with that last snippet of information...... then my Twitter profile is here. To see who I'm following just click on the link titled, appropriatley enough 'Following' and you'll get the full list - then you can try to guess who I've invited!

However we've kept two places free for one blog reader and one @CopyPasteTweet Twitter follower to join us. If, after having a guess at who I've invited, you like the idea of seeing your work alongside theirs - then do read the details of how to you can achieve this here.

We're really looking forward to seeing you over there ... you can even bring your own flags if you feel like it! We'd really like to develop The Copy + Paste Project in our second year and have some plans and many dreams already. We're also open to suggestion as to what you think we could offer so please, if you have even the slightest of opinions, both Kirsty and I all ears.

Feel free to hurl your advice; requests; preferences and party-guest-speculations into a comment for me. Just don't try to trick me into giving anything away about our special guests ... yet ...



  1. I'm rubbish at guessing so I'm just going to be patient and wait and see. I can tell you are young... your baby photos are in colour.. me being older mine are black and white.

  2. the party sounds like great fun... see you then :)


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