Tuesday 13 August 2013

If Hitchcock was a paper crafter ...

... then The Birds might have looked a bit more like this:
This frilly miss is one of several fun [and very pink!] flamingo themed projects I created for the current issue [116] of  Papercraft Inspirations magazine:
There's also a 'Masterclass' of mine in there too - all about using masking in stamping.
But, if you want to get your hands on the flamingo article without leaving the house then you can purchase and download a digital version of it here at The Making Spot.
[FYI: I don't get any payment whatsoever from this - that's not why I'm pointing you towards it. I just thought you might be interested in a way you can access lots of articles and tutorials without having to buy the full magazines. The Making Spot has hundreds of them for sale covering all kinds of crafts. Just passing the information on!]
Finally ... while we're on a Hitchcockian bird theme ...
After making a list of all the custom Plundered Pages pack themes I've been asked to create I realised there was a big demand for our feathered friends out there. And so I've mow added lots of birdy paper packs to the shop shelves - some full size, others smaller ...[all depending on how much of a crazy birdy lady you are!]
If you do go and have a browse over there you'll also find new map paper packs and a brand new range of vintage sheet music packs too.
So, go wing your way over there [do you see what I did there? ...] and I'll see you soon.
Julie :-)


  1. Really cute card.

    I saw a lovely birdy pack of Plundered pages on a blog earlier :)

  2. Loved these articles when I got my magazine - and thaes cards are so colourful! Loved them, J x

  3. Oh, what a glorious card! That looks like such fun and off to see those links :). You are so clever the way you can put shapes and colours together but also so imaginative :).


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