Saturday 3 August 2013

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: The Fisherman

Hi you.

When I first saw Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list there were certain items that I knew, if all else failed ... if I didn't come across them on some exotic day trip somewhere, I'd be able to seek out close to home. And the fisherman was one of them.

We live a 15min drive from the coast and I reckoned that if I couldn't find one anywhere else ... I'd very likely be able to capture one down along Redcar seafront. And I did ...

Item No.19: A fisherman
I took the photo from the newly built [somewhat controversial] promenade because my dog-phobia keeps me off the beach when I spot one running around down there. Even though this section of beach is meant to be dog-free during the summer some owners clearly don't know or care about that ...

Anyway, from there I watched as he towed his boat down to the shore:
And then wade out to begin his trip in the Eleanor May:
Like finding an aeroplane at an airshow ... finding a fisherman near the sea was something I felt fairly confident about.
And, once again, as has happened so many times In the hunt so far, it put me in the interesting position of seeing a very familiar place through a fresh lens ... and I paused to take in something I may otherwise take for granted. 
You can see other people's scavenger hunt finds by visiting the links people leave at Rinda's blog.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'll see you soon.
Julie :-)


  1. At risk of sounding thoroughly obsessed . . . you found more windmills! If only there were points, eh?


    PS. Other places to avoid dogs - pet shops. Every time I go there, someone walks in with their nosy, sniffing, pony-sized hound and freaks the bejeesus out of me. Shops are for people, not dogs - why is there any confusion over this? (This rant brought to you by the HIveMind . . . Ha!)

  2. I'm so glad that ugly pier has a use and kept you safe from dogs.

  3. The sea looks fabulous Julie. I'm humming that song about Eleanor!!! gee I think your swell argh!!

  4. These are lovely summer photos, Julie. I felt as if I could take off my shoes and bury my toes in the sand. And I spotted the windmills in the distance too!

  5. That third photograph is so awesome!!! I'm glad the Hunt has allowed you to see new (old) things this summer. That's one of its major purposes. I live a five minute walk from the docks and want to go down early enough to capture the "real" fisherman returning with their haul. I just have to get myself out of bed earlier - LOL!
    And, I also love the wind mills. It would be so cool to have some like that closer to my house. I think they're terrific for sketching.

  6. Now that is a true fisherman with style


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