Thursday 22 August 2013

Snippets of Words: Recycling, using your 'bits' and finding the 'right' phrase!

Hi hi.

Several of the cards I've shared in the 'Snippets of Words' series so far have been quite simple, where the found phrase was one of the key focal points, but today I thought I'd show how they can be used as just one little element on a busy multi-layered card:
This was another of my 'bit box, plus ...' cards where I take a focal point [in this case it's a fashionable chap cut from an old book]:
... and then I just sift through my scraps and 'bits' to find lots of colour co-ordinating items to layer up.

Behind him sits a section of recycled  kraft cardboard from an envelope which a friend sent me something in. An envelope which she'd already recycled it  [she added the butterfly stamped image across it] - so  really this is doubly recycled scrap ... and if whoever I send the card to then recycles it into another project this scrappy card could turn out to be immortal. Reincarnated indefinitely!
I've also been making an effort this year to use up all the stickers I have lurking on years-old half-used sheets [uh oh ... I feel another mini-series coming on ...]. There are just some sentiments and phrases that I can't ever imagine myself needing to say and so I've been using them simply for their colour - this card features several tucked away under paper layers where just the [useful] turquoise shade can peep out.

Likewise while I wanted to make use of the butterfly image [below] I hid the printed sentiment beneath a strip of woodgrain tape. Another perfect use for my ever-expanding decorative tape collection:
And here's the snippet itself was chosen for the way it seemed to reflect the way butterflies flutter by; twirling and twizzling across the sky!
As I've said throughout this series ... you really can't go looking for the 'perfect' phrase ... [mainly because you probably don't know what that looks like!]. But, with an open mind [and eagle-eyes] you can go looking for 'something' ... and invariably the right phrase will find you!
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Happy browsing.


  1. I always like to see you working those bits :)

  2. Love this!
    p.s. Sorry its' taken me a while to get round and comment; I've been a bit under the weather.

  3. I have loads of bits with phrases on too - and had never thought of 'hiding' them under other things. You do have great ideas!


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