Thursday 8 August 2013

It's A Sign: Dr Frankenstein's shopping list

Hi, hi.

This one isn't so much a funny sign I've stumbled across, so much as a forgotten shopping list of my own ... but I thought you'd like it just the same ...


I was rummaging through a storage basket on my work desk recently when I came across a little notebook that I'd started taking in my work bag with me during the spring term of my University student-support job ... and I'd forgotten all about it.

Remembering that I didn't currently have a notebook in my everyday bag [and goodness knows it's an essential!!] I looked through it to see how many useable pages were left before dropping it into my bag.

And, as I flipped through the 90% blank pages ... on the back page I spotted a somewhat rather macabre shopping list ...
What the?

It certainly gave me pause for thought.

I mean ... that is indeed my handwriting ... but I had to cast my mind back to why on earth I'd added '15/20 square feet of skin' to an otherwise completely innocuous shopping list?

What had I been planning?!! I know I'm creative ... but that's just plain weird. [Not to mention very probably illegal].

And then I remembered ... during a lecture in the School of Health, way back in the spring term sometime, the lecturer had mentioned how much skin the human body has, on average ... and as well as making a note of it in the notes I was taking for my student [that's the nature of the job] .... I'd scribbled it down in my own notebook too.

Why? You might well ask.

Because ... I thought it would make a good statistic for 'My Month in Numbers'!! Naturally!

Obviously I'd forgotten all about it in the intervening weeks. I remembered the 3D foam pads and the shoe polish though!


If you needed a smile today ... and even if you didn't ... I hope you've just had one!

[Apologies if  the thoughts of all that skin have put you off eating your breakfast ...]

Julie :-)


  1. LOL! What an interesting note to find in your purse!

  2. Oh! this is exactly the sort of thing I love... and you made a post from it! too clever. Lovely handwriting too...

  3. It gave me a snigger this morning while drinking my tea. Love it.

  4. Love it! That made me chuckle.

  5. Love it but at the same time slightly disappointed there wont be a Dr Kirk monster anytime soon...

  6. We are a strange brand us scrappers!

  7. LOL! Definitely made me smile!

  8. It hasn't put me off my bedtime drink, even though I am a bit poorly today! Are you going to add it to next month's lot? You did well to remember the context!

  9. Oh my, this made me laugh so hard. Finding old scribblings in the back of notebooks is great. It's why I've kept all my old school notebooks...who cares about the ACTUAL notes when I can go back and find little "notes to self" completely out of context and have a good laugh? =)

  10. LOL! I come across random notes in the various notebooks I use (I have multiple all over the house) and I wonder just what the heck I was doing when i wrote it.


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