Thursday 1 August 2013

My Month in Numbers: The Communal Count #2 - Aug 2013

Hi, hi.

Welcome to the second ever My Month in Numbers: Communal Count!

I blogged my responses to July's communal question yesterday as part of my regular Month in Numbers post ... and I'm looking forward to comparing notes with everyone else who managed to join in too.

I think that over time, by playing along with this, we'll learn a lot of intriguing [and random] facts about one another which we wouldn't, ordinarily, have thought to reveal!

Now let's look ahead to what we'll be sharing at the end of this new month ...
What do you think? I don't think they're going to be too tricky for you to keep track of during August.

So, as before:
  • you're welcome to answer both, either or neither it really is entirely up to you
  • you're welcome to interpret them however you like
If you don't usually join in with My Month in Numbers because you don't want to create a full length blog post ...
  •  at the end of August you're welcome to join in with just your responses to these shorter questions 
  • you can do this in a blog post / an Instagram / a tweet / OR simply in a comment on my August Month in Numbers post 
  • OR ... join in with your response on my Facebook page
  • OR ... any other creative way I haven't thought of!
  • then - if it's 'pinnable' I'll pin it to the My Month in Numbers Pinterest board.
You can then check back at the end of the month [and into September] to compare notes with the others who've joined in, and once again we can see where we're alike ... and where we differ.

If you'd like to share the question on your own blog / social media so your friends and readers can join you - then you're welcome to. You can simply save and use the image above [all my details are on there so you don't really need to link anything up].

Right ... I'll leave you to go jot down what you need to keep a count of in the brand new month but, before you go ...

*REMEMBER*: My Month in Numbers is never really just about the numbers:
  • it's more like how a combination lock unlocks the chain around your bike wheels 
  • how your PIN number unlocks your bank account ...
These numbers are just a 'way in' to the fun stuff, the important stuff: they crack open the story of your day-to-day life and allow you to share it with your online friends.

Julie :-)


  1. Hmm this could be a tough one! See I'm going on holiday next week and goodness knows who my daughter will have round in our absence! Maybe I can do 'how many people I know about'.
    And getting up early on holiday ... I may not win this month :-)

  2. Love the communal questions this month, especially the second one.
    MMIN is going up on Monday, and it really was a great way to share the happy moments in July.

  3. I´m really, really hoping I won´t get up earlier than on August 1st: 4am! :)

  4. Oh, I think these look eminently do-able. Especially as it is going to be a quiet month here - we had all our visitors last month! Looking forward to it.


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