Friday, 30 August 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Autumn

Hello hello.

Firstly - a quick note to say that I've drawn a winner - 'Scrapping Katie' - for the place on Shimelle Laine's 'Learn Something New Everyday' - and so the competition is now closed. I've heard back from Katie and am just about to purchase her place and pass her details on to Shimelle.

And, as the recurrence of LSNED indicates ... it's almost September ... and autumn's on its way!

I've been preparing lots of new autumnal coloured and flavoured kits for the shop, the first few of which you can visit here. But there's more to come in the weeks ahead ... so keep dropping back in for a range of items [many priced £5 and under] to help you kick-start your Christmas shopping! 

[Sorry to drop the *C* word on you when the sun's still high in the sky and you've probably not even broken out your cardigans just yet... but sure as September follows August ... Christmastime certainly follows autumn ... and it won't be long now...].

But let's just wallow in autumn for a while yet shall we? Let me share with you a little sneak peek into something distinctly woodland-y and squirrelish which I made for the latest issue of Papercraft Inspirations Magazine - Issue 117 - which is available now:
There are four squirrelly projects of mine inside so, if you'd like to see more, then this is the cover to look out for: 
I also created the 'Stencil Masterclass' in this issue [see the top right corner of the cover] which you can read either inside the magazine or via this 99p download from The Making Spot [Disclosure: I don't get paid for this - I'm just pointing out another way you can access my work - plus there are many more individual tutorials you can buy at The Making Spot.] 

See you tomorrow for My Month in Numbers and then on Sunday when I'll announce the next set of Communal Count categories with new things for you to tally-up during September.

But for now, I think I'll let you go and find where you've left your woolly tights ... you might well be needing them any day now ...

Julie :-)


  1. Great card Julie, but I am in denial about Christmas and will remain so until about say December 10th, when I'll go straight into panic mode! Have a good weekend hun, Jo x

  2. I'm wallowing..I love Autumn! Best time of year..


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