Thursday 15 August 2013

Snippets of Words: A short-cut to profound

Hello again.

If you've been following this series then I hope maybe you've tried adding a few 'found' words to a project lately. Or that you'll at least add it to the bottom of that ever expanding 'Must Try' list you're keeping!

[If you've missed any posts so far you can catch up via my 'Snippets of Words' board on Pinterest].

And why do I hope you'll try it? Well ... because I think it will surprise you ...
I think you'll be surprised at how easily a 'found' phrase can ...
  • bring some depth to your projects;
  • a depth which you may not have thought to, or been confident enough, to add by yourself.  Off the top of your own head.
But when you have the words there, right in front of you ... all you need to do is snip them free ... re-appropriate them. They can often speak far more eloquently than I can! They remove any worries I might have about sounding too 'fancy' or even pretentious. I can hide behind them ... and let them do the talking for me:
I've even used a found phrase on a sympathy card [it's not the card pictured here].

After making the card I searched for a sentiment but 'thinking of you' just didn't feel like enough. So, I browsed and browsed and kept faith that something appropriate would gently raise its head, letting me know it was there.

And it did. So I used it, and it felt much more personal.

Obviously you have to find the right phrase for it to really be appropriate ...
... but when you do, it can certainly add a more direct, thought-provoking and even profound addition to a project.

Trust me ... a handful of the right snipped words can often say more than you dare to!

I'll see you soon.



  1. I do love these - I am going to put some in my journal, I think. Off down the garden with a book and some scissors :).

  2. PS I've just downloaded your lovely flamingo card tutorial.

  3. Very sweet, very thoughtful. Perfect.

  4. definitely on my to-do list.


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