Saturday 17 August 2013

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: The Sunset

Hi hi.

Call me corny but ... I'd planned to end my summer of scavenger hunting by blogging Item No.5 'A Sunset' as my final post ... and then driving off into it ...

But this isn't actually my final post. I've still got one item left to capture so ... while I may well drive off into a sunset this weekend, next weekend I'll be reversing back up the road to meet up with you so I can share the final final item I'm crossing off the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list created by Rinda of Gallo Organico.
But until then ... I don't want to let this particular  sun go down without sharing it with you ... so here it is:

Item No.5: A sunset
This was the view from the side of the road, in the outskirts of Lincoln last month. We'd bee driving around the country lanes for 40-odd minutes after having a meal ... just waiting for the sun to set. Which took a surprisingly long time!
Not that that's a bad thing. I don't remember the last time I sat and focussed solely on the sun, watching it casually meandering its way downwards ...
... watching how this magical, luminous, white disc managed to paint the surrounding canvas every shade of orange, red, pink and purple on its way by until ...
... until it reached a hidden bank of cloud and began to vanish, growing less and less round:
And, like a artist who'd suddenly changed its mind it ...

... it then scraped away at all that vivid colour it had just painted on ... until all that was left was a white dot in cool pastel sky:


So, there' my penultimate treasure. Yet another item I'm happy to have had cause to stop and take in properly. Now just one more to go and my 2013 hunt is done!

Will I see you next week?

Julie :-)


  1. Some lovely photos there Julie, and I love the story of how you took them. It is indeed worthy of it's own post.
    I remember a while back I saw the sun setting and knew the perfect place to get photos. Like you, I took several and as it was by water there was a magnificent reflection too. Sometimes these moment photograph in our mind too when we are so concentrated and satisfied. Well done on getting so far with your photos. I have completed my list but want a better dinosaur photo if I can before I am finished.

  2. Oh my, watching the sequence as it slowly pales is just lovely. Though I have to confess to liking that top one most of all - I think it's the way you can still see the grass in the foreground which catches my eye.

  3. Stunning photos Julie - almost feels like I am sitting beside you on that journey - though my favourite is your first one I love the whole sequence of shots. Just beautiful. J x

  4. What fabulous pics of a stunning sunsetx

  5. Beautiful! And I'm so glad the hunt caused you to slow down and watch the sunset. . . love your description, too.
    I also like the corny idea of ending with the sunset.

  6. I've taken my time with photographing some of the items. It does make you stop and appreciate it....I still have a few more to capture yet though x A lovely sunset and well worth the 40 mins x


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