Saturday 25 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: Accessorising a room with yellow; my spare bedroom.

Hi, hi.

Now there are only 4 blogging-days left until the end of February - and my Month in Numbers post will take up one of those - I'm finding myself having to drop some of the posts I was going to include in A Month of Sunrays. But they'll come in useful at some point I'm sure.

However, as a follow up to last Saturday's post about wearing yellow in small doses, I thought I'd squeeze in a quick look at a similar idea, but in the home.

This is our spare bedroom, where the walls, carpet and bedding is neutral, but where I've added splashes of yellow here and there to lift things.

[I say *I've* added the colour in *our* spare room because - as James is colour-blind - I have sole responsibility for the colours used anywhere in our house. Which is OK with me!]

The yellow and grey geometric design, in the frame, is a section of 1950s sticky back plastic which I peeled from an original kitchen unit my sister found in the shed of the house she moved into. The kitchen unit was disintegrating but, as the 1950s is my favourite style decade, I rescued the fabulous plastic before it was lost forever:

Below it hangs a coat rack which is also a rescued item, only this time it was something we found in our own house when we moved in.

In fact, it's the most interesting thing to found in an under-stairs cupboard since Harry Potter:

It had white gloss paint splashed over it and a few knobs missing but I sanded away the paint and made replacement ends from big wooden beads which I painted to match the room.

Finally there's a collection of patterned cushions on the bed:
The button prints were from IKEA while the yellow house design was designed, made, and gifted to me, by my super-talented friend Hannah:
The approach I took to decorating this room is the same throughout the rest of the house:
  • keep everything you can't easily move [carpets, walls, curtains] neutral meanwhile introducing colour with the things you can lift and carry [cushions, wall decoration, ornaments].
  • If you remember my Purple Phase series, you might remember I did this same thing in my bedroom but with purple ... not yellow.
OK then, before I go [to pay full attention to Inspector Montalbano on BBC4,  - because it's hard to read subtitles while you're blogging!] ... I'd better announce the winner of the Ribbon Girl Giveaway ...

I used to pick a number and the winner of the yellow ribbon and embellishment kit is ...  Julie of

Congratulations Julie! Email me the address you'd like your prize sending to and I'll pass it on to The Ribbon Girl so they can send you your parcel of crafty sunshine! 

I'll be back ASAP with the last of the remaining sunrays. See you then.



  1. Wow I love that cushion that Hannah made for you! The houses are interesting too... they look like little British Victorian-style houses... except that their rooves somehow remind me of the decorative stonework/roof shape of houses in Eastern countries, such as Morocco, India, even Russia.. that kind of curvy shape with a point at the top. Love them though - really fab! And, of course, yellow is my really very favourite colour, so the various yellows on the cushion are just my very favourite thing. So fab!
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. I love that you saved the sticky backed plastic, it looks great in that frame. That cushion is just fabulous. You have a very talented friend. I was planning to do a second 'Sunray' post, but the month is running away from me!

  3. That was very forward thinking to save the plastic it looks really great framed. The cushion that Hannah made looks fantastic, what a wonderful gift.

  4. Lovely cushion Julie, Really enjoying your Month of Sunrays.
    C xx

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm never lucky, thank you so much me Random. Org for choosing me:) I'll be spreading sunshine all day. Xxx

  6. So fresh and pretty, both the wall and the clutch of cushions ... I realise we have a lot of yellow in our living room!


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