Saturday 11 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: Wearing yellow + grey


Yellow and grey is an absolute classic colour combination and a quick search for it on Pinterest returns an absolute deluge of beautiful images.

Me, freezing my fingers off in my back garden ... in January however is not one of them, yet here I am just the same. The lengths I'll go to to tempt you over to the sunnyside ...
Cardigan: Miss Selfridge ¦¦ Dress: Bench ¦¦ T-shirt: TopShop ¦¦ Scarf: Republic

On a cold colourless day,  like the one I took these photos on, my cosy knitted yellow cardigan not only keeps me warm, it brightens the scenery too!

If you're still not sure how to fit yellow into your wardrobe then a cardigan could be one way in as:
  • they don't have to be worn in solid block across your body [unlike a jumper, dress or t-shirt]
  • leave it unbuttoned for a less extreme band of colour;
  • depending on the style you can still have lots of safe shades of grey, cream, white and beige poking out beneath.
  • And if you're looking for a brainless-yet-smart super-speedy outfit you can't go far wrong with a white shirt, pair of jeans and yellow cardigan. There's somethign about the yellow that sharpens up a very simple outfit.
I don't know if yellow cardigans ever used to appear on those 'capsule wardrobe' type lists, but I think they're starting to. And they honestly serve me pretty well.

The one I'm wearing above is Yellow Cardigan Number 3 in my wardrobe and is a close cousin to Yellow Jumper and Yellow, Cream, Brown + Black Striped Jumper so clearly I have a thing for yellow clothes that keep me warm. It must be a sun thing! Again.

But if all this still feels like too much yellow to consider wearing, hold on until next weekend where my 'wearing yellow' post will consider it in smaller doses!

Have a happy bright weekend, whatever the waether and whatever you're wearing!

Julie :-)


  1. Yes, it's a great combination and you look vibrant in it. :) One of the things I like about yelloe is that it's great with brown, black, and navy too!

  2. This looks so cosy and warm - I may be tempted over to the light side! I love grey...not so sure about the yeloow. But this is a vibrant colour!

  3. Hello Julie :) I have been reading your month of sunrays posts but have not had much time to leave a comment. I really love this cardigan - I've not one piece of yellow in my wardrobe! You are making me want to search for yellow now :)

  4. I love the cardi on you....and it's a great shade of yellow....though you haven't convinced me to wear yellow myself yet!!!
    But I do have a yellow card up on my blog today.

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