Tuesday 10 August 2010

Art Journaling with Dina Wakley: Part 2

Hello again.

Just like last night I'm here with another of the pages I made during my workshop with
Dina Wakley [held at Art From the Heart].

And, just like last night, I'm blogging in my pyjamas. Feel free to erase that image from your mind before you read on ...

Here's the one I'm thinking of framing [but I don't think it's the one you think it is Dina ...]: The words I used are from the Coldplay song 'Yellow' which had been playing in the car on our way to Art From The Heart:Precisely just how much I like both the colour and the song has
been well documented [remember this post on Copy + Paste?].But it wasn't until I'd completed most of the page [including the yellow star] using the star-shaped print-outs provided... ... that I realised how perfectly the lyrics fitted with what I'd been creating. I also realised that I'll certainly be hanging onto those masks, above, the ones I'd sprayed over the top of, to use on something in their own right as they're just to pretty to waste as a by-product!These photos [above and below] show how the page looked prior to adding any definition with blendable oil pastels and acrylic paints:And here's the impact after adding them: I think it makes such a difference. Dina mentioned how, an artist whos work she admires, really 'puts the work in' in her art - by adding layer upon layer of interest and detail ... something I'm very open to experimenting with in future.
Dina also extolled the virtues of adding a splash of black or white to draw disparate elements together and make a page more coherent, so that's exactly what I tried out here:

I've always been a very amenable pupil. I do what I'm told ... right up until I decide to branch off an go my own way with what I've been taught!

So, here's the finished piece:
And it may well just end up in a folder, or stay on this shelf next to my bed, or else it might just get to shine on me from inside it's own frame. I'm not quite sure yet ...

OK, then. I've got a glass of wine to make disappear before bedtime and that's enough art for one evening.

How about we say same time and place [and no doubt same pyjamas] tomorrow? When I'll show you the 3rd page I made?

Deal? Deal.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

Julie :)

p.s: would you believe me if I told you I happened to buy a yellow cardigan today! 'And it was all yellow ... '


  1. Yellow.... I love yellow best...
    A very lovely journal page. Definitely frame it! I like stars too... and that song, "Yellow".

    But I think you should have clean pj's tomorrow... just a thought!

  2. noooooooooooo not yellow! I thought you were getting the other 'woolly' the one with the lack of yellowness!

  3. @Lizzie Yay! anothe ryellow fan! Thnaks for your comment. And, especially for you I'll wear clean PJs tomorrow and ....

    @Darcy ... I promise they won't be yellow ones!

    I did go and fondle the aforementioned jumper again in Jack Wills. £69 still seemed like a lot. It's round about now I always wish for a birthday in the middle of the year!


  4. I like your page very much Julie and I also like the colour yellow..always makes me feel cheery when I wear it...looking forward to tomorrow's instalment, clean PJs or not...lol..have a great day..Kirsti xx

  5. I absolutely lovelovelove this - it's beautiful, and yes, the black does finish it off and pull it all together. Beautiful.

  6. Wow.. this is truly stunning! I've long admired Dina's wonderful style - it's fascinating to hear about how she achieves it with layers.. and you've done a fantastic job as her pupil! Look forward to tomorrow's instalment, whatever PJs you're wearing. :o)

  7. Really beautiful!

    I know a small girl who spent her holiday money on a yellow bag from Jack Wills :)

  8. I'm reading this in my pyjamas, so we're equal ;-)
    Love to see this page again. I loved it IRL and I love to see it here. Now, I see the meaning of the words. Great song .....

  9. For goodness sakes, get some proper clothes on woman! (Although am guessing your PJs are probably smarter than most of my wardrobe put together...)

    Love this piece, despite the Coldplay ref (!), and most especially because of the yellow.



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