Wednesday 11 August 2010

Art Journaling with Dina Wakley: Part 3

Hi again.

I'm back.

You're back.

Let's make a start...

Here's the third page I made at the Dina Wakley workshop at Art From The Heart last Friday:
This was the first thing I made after lunch when I felt that I could expand on the techniques I'd learned in the morning and really just explore. I began by cutting out a figure from a fashion magazine to use as a mask while spray-inking, a method explained by Dina.

Once I'd cut it out, I flipped it over and just went for it, spraying over it with an Altered Originals ink in 'Graphite' - which I liked so much I bought one for myself.

Did you notice that the model in the image above is wearing a zebra-print skirt? How could I resist? [If you're new here, this post might go some way to explaining my current zebra fetish!]. And once The Carousel Zebra was running around in my head, I decided to dedicate the journaling on this page to my impending shop opening!
The rest of the page involved applying lots of layers of ink or paint through lettering and sunburst shaped stencils: Followed by outlining sections with oil pastel until I was happy with the number of colours and textures on the page: A really useful technique which I'd picked the last time I took a class by Dina is to roll kitchen roll over the page after spraying with ink. It lifts the immediate covering, leaving behind a soft layer-able layer [if you know what I mean]. Plus it helps dry the page quickly so you can work on another layer and also ... ... it makes for some spectacular effects on your kitchen roll!! The sheet of below really is good enough to frame in it's own right!!:If nothing else, it was certainly good enough for me to take it's photograph and to bring it home with me. Don't be surprised if you spot it on a card or layout sometime soon!

Well then. I think that's all the art I can muster for now.

I've been in carboot and charity shop heaven with Hannah today and bought lots of lovely old children's books to play with. I can't wait to start turning some of the book pages into badges for my shop ...

[Ha! My shop ... still sounds funny when I say that!]

... but right now I am too tired and good for nothing creative. However, I'm not yet in my pyjamas ... so that's something, I guess ...

I'll see you tomorrow for the 4th and final part of this drawn out and tortuous expertly curated trip round my art journaling.

See you then then.

J x


  1. this is wonderful, fabulous pages!!!
    love your blog i just discover
    kiss from belgium

  2. You've made fabulous art. Can we see it in real life at the next crop?

  3. Great! The kitchen roll is a work of art :-)

  4. I've been loving reading your Dina Wakely Journaling experience & can't wait to get properly stuck into working on my art journal looking forward to part 4

  5. I stonily refuse to buy any kind of kitchen paper that's not plain white - none of your silly borders or novelty images - but have to say I'd make a definite detour from my 'strictly plain' rule for a roll as pretty as that one. Whether I - or anyone - could bear to tear it up and use it is another matter altogether (as is whether it would be much use for mopping up spilled milk in that painty a state...!).



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