Thursday 26 August 2010

This time it's an owl t-shirt.

Hello again.

I like bird stuff. You know I like bird stuff ... let's just get straight on with more bird stuff.

I have made my own birdy themed clothing in the past [remember the dick-dicks debacle?] but my latest item, despite having a very arty / handmade feel was not made by my fair hand:

Quite the contrary.

It's actually from Primark! More specifically ... from Primark's children's section:And it was in the sale!For £1.00!

[I'm going to go and hide now from those of you who don't approve.]

If you're ashamed of me for my Primark weakness ... please go and restore your faith in me over at Copy+Paste where today I blogged something hand-made.

I swear!

Julie ;-)


  1. oh! oh! oh! I need one so badly it hurts!!!!!
    Pretty pretty please could you get me one as big as possible [if there are any left] and I will save you a shiny pound.
    If not I shall start colouring in Zeddi's stripes with my Sharpie >:[
    You look beautiful.

  2. BAD Julie - Primark is evil! It is very pretty though, but I just can't force myself to shop there anymore.

    I will forgive you though given the gorgeousness of the measuring tapes - I'm carbooting this weekend, and you know I'm going to hunt some down!

  3. We're fine with the Primark thing - I got a pair of pj trousers for £1 last week and they look like Cath Kidston ones. Didn't see any tshirts quite as fabulous as this one, mind you..

  4. Lovely lovely top!! The little bird is adorable! My mum won't let me in primark but every now and again I have a sneak peak! Abi xx

  5. owls are great- and i'm seeing them a lot in design lately!

    loved the tutorial on coastal keepsakes- thx for the link!

  6. So cute.. and a £1!?? Wow.. {although I have to admit I do tend to avoid Primark these days.. not that we have one in Eastbourne anyway.. at least not that I've noticed} - but it does look very lovely on you! :)


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