Saturday 14 August 2010

DIY: Customised backing papers.

Hi. How's your weekend going?

So far my weekend has so far been full of lovely food and the promise of an end to all food going off within minutes of entering our currently failing fridge. Because, today James made celery & onion soup followed by banana & walnut loaf ...

... right after we'd been to look at healthy new fridge-freezers!

Anyway ... I certainly didn't drop in here to tell you all about sour milk and mouldy carrots so how about we move on to the crafty business?

I can be quite determined to do my own thing sometimes. [You're stunned at that revelation aren't you?] and recently this independent streak has led to me to dabble in making my own patterned backing papers for my craft projects.

The main focus of my Banana Frog Design Team Project of the Day today featured a sheet of 12x12 which I'd decorated myself:
For more photos and details of how [and why!] I did this, drop by my 'Graffiti-Effect Stamping' post on their blog to see my full project. Please do. I always feel a little bit like I'm away-from-home when I post on a DT blog!

Below are two scraps of paper I'd used last night to catch the overspray while I working on my Project of the Day layout:In the background of the photo is James, who spent part of the day airbrushing one of his model planes. At one point, when I saw him reach out for some kitchen roll to wipe some yellow paint from a stirring stick I practically fell over myself to stop him!

'Wipe it on there!' I demanded, pushing the scraps toward him, recognising the potential loveliness of combining his 'Insignia Yellow' enamel with my 'Fuchsia Pink' and 'Raspberry' spray inks! So, expect to see it re-appearing on a papercraft project sometime or other!

I can't remember if I've showed you the outcome of my earlier experiments with customising my own papers on these cards: If not, it's because they were another Design Team project, this time over on Scattered Scarlet, the 3DJean blog: You can see my full set of cards here if you like. And I think you will like ... I do. I'm really happy with what I came up with there!! [Did I ever mention I was modest? ...].

And then there was this set of cards [blogged here]: ... which featured scraps of papers hand decorated, not by me, but by Effie [of Efemera Ink and Scattered Scarlet] who donated them in my direction and which set me off on my customising spree!

I can see lots of potential for stencilling and stamping on and customising all those 12x12s that are languishing in the back of my storage folder and which could gain a whole new lease of life through a few new layers of ink and paint!

So, now you know what's been occupying my hands recently, I think I'll leave it for tonight. [My hands are currently pre-oocupied by a glass of Sauvignon Blanc].

I'd love to see any papers you've customised yourself, either in the past, or whenever you get around to making some in the future, just leave me a comment or drop me a line and I'll drop by yours for a peek.

It reallyis good fun and can even save you money as you don't have to dash out to buy brand new papers when you fancy something fresh and unique:However, please don't blame me if you then end up spending everything you've saved on new inks and stamps instead!

See you soon. I have tons of blogging projects planned for between now and ... I wasgoing to say 'Christmas' but, if truth be told, it's more like 'the end of time' actually!

So ... soonly then? I'll be here. I'll look forward to 'seeing' you.

J :)


  1. Beautiful cards, and I *love* your BF layout. My favourite bit, though? The pink and yellow on your his+hers leftover. You have only yourself to blame for it, Ms Yellow-pusher...


  2. Oooh yes, stamps and ink and paint and spraying stuff everywhere. It should be a crime to spray something small and NOT use the kitchen roll from underneath - which does, after all, have most of the ink on it! I did this yonks ago for a challenge where we had to make our own patterned paper.... - no spraying but I liked the end result.

  3. Oh they all look fab Julie, love the background papers, I feel a messy afternoon coming on

  4. Have you pinched my banana cake? LOL

    Love your backgrounds papers and I had seen your cards they look fab.

  5. Love your patterned papers, and that great yellow and pink combo! You are not usually sort of places to use pink, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled! :)


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