Thursday 5 August 2010

A three tea-bag problem


I'm in a slightly less vile mood that I have been so far today, so I'm taking this chance to speak to you in a civil manner. I can't promise how long it will last ...

Have I mentioned I'm setting up an online shop? Once or twice eh? The thing is, I'm getting more terrified the nearer I get to having to just bite the bullet and upload something to sell. So I've been procrastinating [you're shocked aren't you ... who knew I was capable of such sloth?].

So, rather than finish taking photos of my finished stock items [I do have some finished items!] or even bravely sitting down to read up on 'shipping policies' I've been making tags to add to my packages. Tags with black & white stripes:

Call me optimistic ... but I've made nearly 100 of them! I should probably sell them aswell as adding them in to my parcels, I've really enjoyed making them and would really like an excuse to make more:
But I did try to be good yesterday and studiously took about 70 photos of the badges I've been making ... but when I looked at them this morning they really weren't good enough, so I had to begin all over again, bemoaning the waste of time and energy as I went... blah, blah, mumble, mumble.

Kirsty - allow me to publically apologise for every giving you the idea that I'd conquered my perfectionist streak ... ;-).

So today I've been trying out a different camera, in a diffferent position and battling with the tripod to get just the right angle for my shots ... until the battery ran out!!!! When I may just have uttered a few choice curse words ...

Following the advice of the ever supportive Gabrielle [aka The Green Gal] I had a little break and went for a cup of tea. But you see, the thing is ...

... I've also neglected to go shopping for at least a week and, horror of horrors, we're almost out of tea bags!

I'd started the day by laying out all of the bags we had left on the worktop ... so I could pace myself. So that I knew exactly how many were left. So I could avoid the terrible disappointment of boiling the kettle then reaching into the jar only to find it entirely sans-tea bags.

But look at it now!!! There are only 3 left!!!:Only. 3. Tea bags. In the whole house!

And this has definitely been more than a 3 tea bag day ...

I might have to scrape up the loose tea which fell out of a split bag in the drawer months ago, which I've still not got round to vacuuming up .... or else I might move on to the rum earlier than planned.




  1. I KNOW you can make those tea bags last!!!!! Is it half day closing where you live?
    Fab tags and I'm waiting in anticipation for the shop to open.

  2. I love the thought of you laying your tea bags out :D I can sympathise as I get a little nervous when the coffe is getting low.

    LOVE the tags

  3. Tea bag in the cup!.........I'm going to buy you a tea pot!

  4. Move onto the rum and get the liquid courage you need to open the shop. Dammit! I keep checking to see what beauties you've made and they aren't in there yet! x

  5. To the shop! Teabags are an essential as is rum although I'm a gin girl. I get twitchy if the teabags get low as well lol.

  6. Arrrgh! What, nearly no tea? Oh my goodness, where's the Star Trek Replicator when you need it!


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