Tuesday 31 August 2010

My Month in Numbers: August

Hello. Hello.

I'm not quite sure I'm ready to admit that today marks the end of another month ... and with it, I become a month nearer to starting back at work! But there's no holding back the itde is there? I'll just have to make the most of the free timeI have, just like I was fortunate enough to do to during August.

Here's a glimpse of it, my month, in numbers ...

1 = the number of sales I've had so far in my new etsy shop: 'The Carousel Zebra'! [Yay! Go me! Go Zebra! "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one badge" and all that ....] And here's what The Zebra and I sold: One of my badges made from vintage images and text. I wonder if I'll get as excited about every sale I make as I did with this, my first?
I'm very willing to find out!
8 [or 3] = 8 is the number of stepping stones James and I bravely tackled in order to cross the children's paddling pool on one of the beaches near us on a Sunday morning!:
3 however ... is the number of people missing from this photo if James was to more accurately re-create the cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover - which he was attempting to do here!

25p = the amount my friend Hannah and I paid for each of the 4 vintage girl's annuals we spotted at a carboot sale we discovered near Whitby:
One stall sold glorious collectable/useable papery goods such as postcards, stamps and little items of traditional 'scrap' which we were already clutching greedily to our chests when we spotted several old annuals. Hannah was in the process of picking one of them up when someone asked how much one of the other books cost.When the stallholder replied: "25p. All the books are 25p", she swiftly and stealthily scooped up all 4 books illiciting an audible groan from someone behind us as we secured the best deals of the day for oursleves!

£1.00 = the price of a bumper pack of old postcards Hannah and I also bought to share between us:
And had a lovely time over lunch in Whitby's Art Cafe where we we sat and sifted through them, with Hannah reading out all of those which had messages written on the back:
£45:00 = the price of my ubiquitous purchase of the month ... my newest shoes: Almost worth it for the lovely chain sections alone ... ... they're definitely worth it for being amazingly comfortable and, as they stay in place when zipped up, I can drive in them without endangering the wider public! [Surely the holy grail of the footwear world?].

And finally ....

Countless = the number of ubiquitous photos I've taken this summer. You know ... the poses that you always assume and the things you just have to take a photo of while you're there? Such as .....

Us in a mirrored lift [certainly not the first or last of these we have in the collection!]: Or how about another photo of the Shambles in York? Because you know, it may have been there for hundreds of years but, and I may take a photo of those amazing buildings every time I go but, you know ... I might capture something different with this latest shot:Other additions to the 'ubiquitous photos of the summer' category include 'shadows cast on the floor by James + I'; 'feet in the sea'; 'looking out across the sea in a pensive manner'; 'clear blue sky' and 'clear blue sky with silhoutte of flocking birds'.

Every year. Without fail!

What are yours? Which poses can you spot recurring through your albums? Do you have a tradition of taking a particular photo at a particualr time or place during the year? I'd love to hear your versions.

This month I've added a 'linky-box' below for you to share any of your August numbers with me.

You don't have to create a new number-specific post for it though, just link up something you've already posted on your blog / Flickr / online place ...

.... and then leave me a comment explaining where the numbers come into it. Maybe it's the amount of tea cosies you've knitted - with a link to a photo/post about your knitting in general.

Whatever you choose to share I'd love to hear how you interpret your month using numbers too.

Thanks for visiting 'me' today ... and throughout the month too. I'll 'see' you in September!

Julie :)


  1. And here's some more numbers for you!

    Today I am 55 and I have been married 5 years today too.

    There are more where they came from so I think I'll write a post later if I can manage o drag myself away from hubby, chocolate and new books!

  2. 27...the number of second hand books bought this month..

    30...the total of new and second hand books bought this month.

    1.5...books read this month.

  3. Have linked to my blog, I love your monthly lists. To explain a bit I have a list of 40 things to do before I am 40 and I am blogging my progress, hope you enjoy!

  4. I just did my numbers for August...

    Here's a link:


    thanks & best wishes


  5. Thanks for joining in everyone. I've been to look at all your statistics too - very revealing!

    @Darcy - so does that mean you'll be reading 28.5 books in September then? ;-)

  6. Julie - Many thanks for letting me know about the prize - what a lovely surprise! I'll keep an eye out on the Frog Blog, then.

  7. Congratulations on your first Etsy sale. What happened to the Folksy shop? Is that still open? Just being nosey.... x

  8. I enjoyed reading your post and I might try that myself for September, thank you!

  9. Love those wonderful girls' albums! What a find ... I always enjoy your 'numbers in ..' posts!


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