Tuesday 17 August 2010

Small Stories: Is it still considered 'littering' if you do it from the 7th floor?

Hi, hi, hi.

When James and I stayed overnight in Harrogate a few weeks ago we re-enacted something rather ridiculous and juvenile which we'd first done in the same hotel almost two years beforehand. An event which I scrapbooked and blogged at the time.

Any ideas? OK then, here it is:

Yes. That's right. We made a paper plane and launched it from our hotel room window.

Into this beautiful view:Maybe you might remember the scrapbook page I made in 2008 showing the first time we took flight:

Paper Planes

What can I say in our defence? It's becoming a family tradition? Does that work on you?

Unlike last time [I can't believe I'm talking about this like it's a regular occurence ...] this time round we couldn't see where any of them landed. Then, as we were leaving the car park, on our way home, James spotted one in the gutter. Trust me ... if there hadn't been double yellow lines everywhere, and if we wouldn't have been blocking the exit ... he'd have most certainly stopped the car and taken a photo of his crash-landed aircraft!

And that my friends ... is the kind of rock & roll hurling-things-from-hotel-windows kinda lifestyle we lead ... don't hate us just because you envy us ....

Sorry. Here, have a highly infectious and wholly appropriate tune to make up for everything:

.... and so .... errrm, while it's probably not the most 'rock & roll' of all questions ... is it still considered 'littering' if you do it from the 7th floor?

J ;)


  1. wonderful stuff - a relationship that has fun mixed in with love, laughter, pain, empathy, sheer sexiness as well as daftness is very like my own with MrD - and you will always make paper aeroplanes in hotels - just not in countries where they slap litterbugs in jail, please!

  2. Nice idea. Might try it from my hotel room this Thursday. Love the LO, don't think I've seen that one before.

  3. Littering? Nah. Art installation probably. Yeah, go with that. :) Really sweet tradition.

  4. i think as long as your above floor #6 your good-

  5. Very probably but only if they catch you! Nice to have a ritual to do, though :)


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