Monday 9 August 2010

Art Journaling with Dina Wakley: Pt1

Hi you. It's me.

Unlike last time I blogged, this time I am here. Right here, can you see me?

Yoo hoo. Hello, over here, on the sofa. The one with freshly dyed hair wearing the pyjamas [Light Auburn and marl grey jersey respectively, since you ask]. You see? I told you I was here.

I've safely returned from the far flung corners of Harrogate, where I was living it up with a room full of art journalers and the ever fabulous Dina Wakley.

Here I am, ensonced in the new workshop at Art From the Heart [note the hand in a blur of action and the apron ... bit essential for a 9-5 day of creating ... with spray inks!]:
And here's the lady herself:

In the bottom corner is Kate Crane from The Kathryn Wheel who it would seem I was duty bound to meet. A friend had left a comment on Kate's blog telling her to say 'Hello' to me at the workshop... but Kate didn't know who I was ... that is until she looked at my name badge and declared 'Oh, so you must be Julie'. And I was. Then, upon my return, another friend asked 'Did you see Kate Crane there?'! Well then, why, yes I did ... in fact, it just so happens that I'd sat myself right next to her without either of us realising that everyone expected us to meet! It was certainly a pleasure to get to watch her at work - amazing how we were all following the same processes yet producing widely varying end results. I think there's going to be a Flickr group for us all to add our work to - which willbe a great way to view them, and our individual differences, side-by-side.

The workshop focussed on using masks and stencils, layering up paint and spray inks, then adding the journaling: I made four individual pages which I'll show you throughout the week [or else it' dbe photo overload].
The white spots where were made by painting gesso onto a piece of Dina's sons' Lego which she carries around in her art box!
I was aiming for a muted look combining using several 'natural' colours: ... and I'm really happy with how this one - my first of the day - turned out:

[You can click on the photo for a closer look ... if you're that way inclined. Which I'd be happy if you were ...].

Anyway .... I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos of my productive day. I'll show you the second page I made ... the one inspired by a song I warbled along with in the car on my way to the workshop. The page which I'm contemplating getting framed for my bedroom wall. [I'm so happy to have made something I like that much!!].

Oh and, for those of you wondering how James got on on his own while I wasbusy being arty ... he wandered around town; had a ham + cheese toastie; found a passport in a flowerbed; handed it in to the police ... and photographed some gargoyles. A typical day really ...

Right then. Enough for one night! I'll see you very soon.

J :D


  1. Wow, your art looks great :-) I fell in love with the lego piece too - I'm goin to nick some out of the toy box when the children are not looking. I love the natural colours you used and I'm not surprised you want to frame some of your work!

  2. I think I know which piece you want to frame...and you should! It's stunning! :) So great to art with you again, Julie!

  3. I read your post while in the process of dying my hair! I had to rush off before leaving a comment but I'm back now with shiny chocolate brown hair :)

    I can't wait to see more. I love the figures on your page very interesting and I'm wondering where I can snaffle some lego bricks from.

  4. Um, I'm more in the "my hair really needs coloured but I don't seem to be getting round to doing it" category at the minute.

    Your page is beautiful Julie and I will defintely be back to see more.

  5. loving the art journalling. how fabulous to meet ur fellow blogger. i am hoping to do just that in the future. i love dina's work and have done some stuff online, but wow to do it for real with her must be g8. i will have to look out for some more classes.
    Jo xxxx

  6. Looks as though you had fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the "one" that will be framed. I like those female stencils


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