Friday 6 August 2010

Small Stories: Days Like These


I'm not here.
I'm in Harrogate. With James.

I just thought I'd share a few things about him with you today, things such as ... some days I come downstairs to find him making tea, looking like this:

It's a long story. It involves an elastic waistband and a joking suggestion from me that he put it on. Which he did. Only he then he kept it on. And forgot about it.

Anyways ....

There are other days, like yesterday, where the scent of fumes were still lingering in our house despite having made him put his diesel soaked jeans through the washing machine once already. Jeans which had been soaked after he'd used a pump at the garage which failed to cut off, which he didn't notice until it was too late. Then, there he was amid a fuel spill to rival anything from BP.

And then ... there are days like today ....

... where he's taken the day off work to take me to Harrogate; to Art From the Heart; to another of Dina Wakely's super inspiring art journaling classes, while he amuses himself around the town.

Ridiculous kung-fu poses aside, he's a good one. I know this.

And I'm a lucky girl.

I'll be luckier still when we get rid of that smell of diesel from the landing ... anyone got the number of a good clean-up crew?

J ;)


  1. Have a great day.. and we want all the details!

  2. Have a lovely day Julie - I'm having my first card sale today! Help!

  3. Thank god you explained the waistband thing.. I thought for one terrible moment it was a manthong! Sounds like yesterday's foul mood has evaporated, though, which is always a good thing. x

  4. Have fun at Dina I'm jealous. Vanish spray/powder and the hottest wash you have should do the trick. It works for my DHs stuff and he works offshore.

  5. Have a great time at your class today Julie :)

  6. Have a great day and I hope James manages to amuse himself. He did leave the headband/waistband at home didn't he? :)

  7. The only cure I know for diesel-soaked jeans involves a match and some Standing Well Back :). Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy Dina's class!

  8. Ah, the Quirk to your Kirk. He's definitely a keeper :)

  9. Thanks for all your comments andgood wishes.

    @wrightboysmum - thanks for the tip! Will definitely give it a go :)

    @Alexa - the thing is, he's also got pyromaniac tendencies and would enjoy that a little too much! ;)

    Tha waistband - not thong - was certainly left behind. And I broke thefact that I'd blogged that photo to him after he'd had a drink and had no internet connection to check up on it!

    He's taken it in his stride, but ... he now has his own blog, so I dread to think what pics he'll post of me in return!

  10. Hi Julie, it was great to meet you at Dina's workshop. The stuff you did there was fab - are you going to blog photos?
    Er ... glad to read that the headband thing was removed before he left the house ... :-)))

  11. Hi Julie
    Sandra here, the one that kept looking over your shoulder and loving your interpretations on Dina's style - absolutely fabulous by the way!
    I love your perspective on blog life! x x


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