Friday, 20 August 2010

A little bit like a rebus [no, not the Scottish detective ... the other one]..

Hi you. It's me.

Ever played with
rebus puzzles? Well, you're about to now anyway. Just use the pictures to guess what it is I'm trying to tell you. Ready? OK ....

When I was in York last week there was a mini fair in the town square and when I saw this:

I could not resist grabbing a photo!

Later that same day, while browsing in Zara, I spotted this shirt:... and, while I didn't exactly want to buy it, I did want to scurry into the changing rooms and take a few snaps of me wearing it:

How are you doing with the puzzle side of things? Any ideas yet? For obvious reasons I've also been put in mind of another top I once used to wear [12 years ago to be precise!]: At least it shows I'm consistent in my pattern preferences!

Have you got the answer yet? Just work out what photos we've had so far. Got it? .... OK then here's the best bit:If you're still baffled, click on any of the photos for the answer. You'll be glad to know that that's where the rebus puzzle ends. Meanwhile ...

.... the other bit is just beginning ....

J :-D


  1. Julie, I love your posts - when they pop up in my iGoogle reader, I always read right through - or if they pop up in Twitter.

    The Rebus puzzle got me but the announcement it hid is fantastic - well done you!

    I love our posts because they are an intelligent read and because you actually write - as opposed to 'just' blogging. Do you know what I mean? Anyone?

  2. Sneaky or what? I was trying to read you post when my eye was drawn to 'Etsy' in your sidebar :)

    Well done and I wish you every success. I love your badges by the way.

  3. You are so clever and I am so dumb! Even after reading and rereading your post, viewing the pictures and clicking on the link it still took me a while to combine all the thoughts together.
    Maybe that's why our friendship works oh smart one!
    Loving the post, loving the Etsy and most of all loving you!

  4. Brilliant! Very best of luck, I'm off for a peep right now x

  5. Love your posts and your badges. :) Just wondering though...... is it the 'P' word? Or am I totally barking up the wrong tree???

  6. Thanks everyone - I just wanted to get things uploaded and in the shop before making any grand 'opening' announcements!

    So, yes Vanessa, you probably are at the wrong tree there! When I saw a carousel + a zebra on the same day [like the name of my etsy shop] I thought it'd be fun to announce the shop opening using the photos instead!



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