Tuesday 13 September 2011

Cards: When is a ghost not a ghost?

Hi, hi, hi.

Today's my day to blog over at Scattered Scarlet [the 3DJean Design Team blog] and this time I've been using a stamp from The Octopode Factory of which 3DJean is now a stockist.

The stamp in question is 'Ghost':

 Naturally enough it's part of the Octopode's Halloween range but, the occasional pumpkin costume aside, I don't really 'do' Halloween therefore don't often buy Halloween themed supplies.

However I do 'do' things with faces ... in fact, I have a Pinterest board called 'A Place for Faces' solely dedicated to ... eerrrm ... things with faces! So when I saw this stamp, I saw a cute face with big eyes which didn't necessarily have to be a ghost ... so I bought it and dressed it in pink:

The adorable doll was a handmade gift from my sister.
I stamped my girl-ghosts on to various lightly patterned papers [I don't care too much for stamping on plain card] and then added some shading and coloured in the stripey arms and legs using Promarkers:

The backing papers are also from 3DJean - part of the Studio2Mers 'Cities' range, the tags are Papermania and the butterflies by Jenni Bowlin:
I had some printed transparencies floating around in my craft bag for a while and decided to chop them up and staple them as a first layer on the tags:
The stickers are 7Gypsies Apothecary Labels and yes, they do have poisons on them. Just because I used pink and butterflies .... it doesn't mean I've gone entirely soft ...
The little word stickers are from Authentique:
These colours in these last two designs give a hint about the theme I'm going to be blogging about on and off over the coming months: purple.
I'll introduce the hows, whys and wherefores of the series properly tomorrow but let's just say that:
  • throughout the Autumn, in posts covering crafts [naturally!] plus interiors and fashion I'm going to try to rehabilitate this much maligned shade of the colour wheel!
I hope you'll join me.

See you tomorrow then!

Edited to add: Thanks to Emma who left a comment asking where the little doll in the first photo was from I've remembered that I forgot to say it was a handmade gift from my sister. So unless Jo starts production of them ... I guess it's one-of-a-kind for now.



  1. very cute and the accessorized butterfly's give a special touch to your pretty girl!

  2. These are awesome! Although the more-ghostly-than-the-ghost children on the second card might be giving me the creeps.

    I NEED to ask about the little doll next to the first card.. I love her! Where is she from?

    p.s I love purple. My bedroom is purple. Yum.

  3. You've made her really pretty (I have trouble usually with these stamps: kinda creepy) and she sits beautifully with your fascinating backgrounds ... Nicely pink and shading into purple - looking forward to your posts. I own one purple T-shirt and can't work out what to wear with it, so am hoping for some colour inspiration too!

  4. Purple is my very favourite colour. This makes me very excited for your new project :D

    Don't you secretly hope your doll remains a one off? Sure let her make some more (they are gorgeous!) but ban her from reproducing yours ;)

    Love these cards, really do!


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