Wednesday 28 September 2011

Purple Phase: Purple papers with kraft tag + string

Hi, hi.

Since I started 'Purple Phase' I've been intrigued at how many people have 'outed' themselves to me as Purple-fanciers!

Here was me thinking it was the unloved colour of the spectrum when you're all secretly harbouring passions for plum after all! Or are you just like I was, where I'd somehow been oblivious to the extent of my use of purple until one day the evidence was too great and I realised: 'Oh, I guess I quite like purple ... who knew?'.

Well, whether you're a life-long purple-lover, if it's a recent revelation to you, or even if it remains your least favourite colour ... I hope there's something in today's project which you can take and adapt for yourself. 

I talked about purple tones working well with natural and neutral products in previous posts already but I think it's going to be a recurring theme throughout the series. So with that in mind, here's today's palette:
And here's where the scheme came from:

The deep, muted shades on the backing paper make this a card easily suited to send to a man [At least I hope so ... because I did send it to one!].  Also:
  • It's another example of using purple where you might have reached for brown;
  • It lifts the colour-scheme where brown could have become 'muddy';
  • The purple combines with the neutral shades while retaining an element of colour on the project;
  • In this context the plum-coloured velvet ribbon adds a luxurious touch without appearing feminine;
  • It adds a smart backdrop for the kraft card tag:
When trying out this particular combination of colours and textures, think along the lines of:
  • the sumptuous decor of  'Gentlemen's club' lounges - complete with their velvet smoking jackets, leather armchairs, bold wallpaper designs and wooden furniture;
  • Or think of faded signs and the peeling painted wood of an old allotment;
  • Or think of the shades found on heather-covered moors in Autumn;

Rather than the pretty ribbons and bows I might add to a feminine card my finishing touch here was a more masculine equivalent:
  • a knot tied in a length of fine natural coloured button-twine combined with a length of faux-leather thonging  - in plum.

Supplies used:
- Kraft tag and 'Happy Birthday' stamp: Papermania
- Papers: by Onirie, 4Heures37, Cosmo Cricket, LilyBee Designs
- Faux-leather thonging: from The Works craft section
- Button twine: The Ribbon Girl

So purple ... on a man's card ... what do you think? Would you try it?

Any thoughts on how else you might use today's palette? [Remember you can pin it to Pinterest or add it to your Favourites if you'd like to keep it safe for future reference.] 

If you have any other occasions or situations in mind for this scheme you're welcome to share your ideas in the comments.

I'll be back later this week with ... I'm not sure what ... maybe more LSNED journal pages ... or more purple-ness ... or .. it's ages since I scrapbooked a page for myself so maybe I feel a layout coming on.

Soon then.



  1. I think the rich plum and the kraft work beautifully together and yes, I would send that combo to a man!

    + You know I am spending too much time on your blog when I see purple Converse and think of you!!! I might even splurge and get them! :D

  2. Another great colour combination, Julie - I am converted! All I want to do today after seeing this lovely combination with plum is go and design some scrapbooking paper! I love the tip about using it instead of brown - I've just been thinking about this following your last post and noticing how it lifts some colour combinations. I'd send that lovely card to anyone, but yes, it'd be great for a male ...

  3. Another great combo, I love the luxurious touch of the velvet ribbon. X

  4. I've been thinking purple this morning..

    I read recently that purple dye only became cheap enough for everyone in the 1850's - it was one of the new things at the Great Exhibition. I wonder is that right? Might do some more digging

  5. A great mix...and works really well for a man's card.

  6. Hi,

    I was looking around on google and saw your site and I just became fan of your site :) Wath you do is pretty!


  7. purple velvet smoking jackets - that's exactly what i think of when i think purple. i'm sure it's because my dad had one.......although i'm sure he'd tell you it was blue lol!

    Purple on a man's card - why not! yours is great.

  8. Purple is my fiancee's favourite colour! I would definately put purple on a card for him. In fact, as it is also my favourite colour, several rooms in our house are painted purple. We wear purple, paint purple, use purple and even eat purple :D

  9. I am a big fan of purple and kraft, so your card looks perfect to me. I was alerted to your Purple fancying, by the lovely page that Alexa made.
    I'll be sure to come back for the rest of the series.


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