Thursday 15 September 2011

Pass the Book: Book swap


As many of you will probably be aware Sian at From High in the Sky has been hosting a 'book chain' over the last 12 months called 'Pass the Book':

Last month I was the lucky recipient of her final choice Art Saves edited by Jenny Doh.
I've read and enjoyed it and now it's my turn to 'Pass the Book' on ... to you!

If you'd like me to post Art Saves to your house then simply leave me a comment letting me know.

  • Deadline for entries: 9am Monday 19th September.
  • I will post the name of the recipient on Tuesday 20th so please drop by then to see if it's you.
  • Please make sure you check back here OR log-in with an account where I can contact you to get your address. If I can't contact you it's only fair that I post it on to someone else.
  • E.T.A: Following a question about posting - I will be posting from the UK and am happy to pass the book to anywhere in the world!
Before you enter your name ....
  • Please check with a responsible adult [which may or may not be yourself ... are you responsible? Tell the truth.] to be sure that in a month or so you're going to be in a position to post this book on to someone else via your own blog.
Ideally each participant keeps in touch with Sian so she can update her list of where each of the 12 books she sent out into the world is at any given time.

Eventually, [hopefully] she will receive them back to add to her own library!

Thanks for reading today ... anyone want a book?

Julie :-)


  1. This is absolutely fantastic idea! I would love to have a look at this book. And yes, I presume I am responsible one :) Many thanks for the chance to read it.

  2. I can be responsible when I try :D
    I'd love to read this book then pass it on x

  3. ME, ME,ME! Ooh, ooh, please Miss, Me! I loved Sian's series and am a little sad it's over.

  4. Looks wonderful, and yes, please, do pop me into the hat. I promise to be responsible. Girl Guide's honour.

  5. I would love to read it please. Are you willing to post it to the UK? Otherwise I will be in Florida from 8th-16th October.

  6. That looks a good read. Add me in to the draw please?

  7. I'm responsible enough to join in, I can do my own shoes up & everything ;-D
    Looks a fab book, please put me in the draw :-)

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing where it lands!

  9. This seems like a popular choice already Sian!

    Bernice - I'm in England so yes I will post to the UK. And I'm willing to post anywhere.


  10. I'd be interested in reading this.

  11. Looks like a fab book, but I'm definitely not a responsible adult lol.

  12. Awesome idea. I'd love the book. I'm in the US. Life's been a struggle lately. I'm trying to distance myself from most people I know and focus on art and healing.

  13. I'm from Belgium but I'm used to ship packages so I know it's safe to try out this swap. :-)

  14. What a fantastic idea and it looks like a very interesting book I tell my children I am THE responsible adult, does that count?

  15. Well, I like to think I could be responsible...I may need to have an opportunity to prove it! Lol...please put my name in the draw. :)

  16. Ooh, fabby! I love Sian's books :) I'm utterly irresposible, me, but I have managed to pass the book successfully before so please may I be included in the draw? x

  17. And I can't spell, either. Clearly. *irresponsible

  18. I own this book and love love it.... it's so inspiring! I love it!

  19. this book looks really interesting; please put my name into your hat, also!! and yes, I'd say I'm (mostly) responsible.


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