Monday 12 September 2011

Journal: LSNED Days 6-11


If you're reading this I'll assume you've not been blown away in this wind.  As for me, well, I've only ventured out to the greenhouse and back and I can't seem to get the Miss Gulch theme out of my head ... anyways ...

Here are the latest pages in my Learn Something New Every Day journal for your perusal:

Sept 6: 'Save the whale'
Incase you can't quite make out the photo - it's of a news story detailing how rescuers spent 8 hours digging out a channel in mud flats to successfully refloat a stranded Minke whale pup:

I've had a bit of a thing for whales lately [long story ...] and this moved me greatly.

The story ended with the note that it would take up to 24 hours after the rescue before the experts would know if the whale had made it back on course safely.

I'm going to tell you that it did. That it was fine. That we all lived happily ever after.

That's what I'm telling you. If you go Googling the story to see for yourself what happened well ... you've only got yourself to blame.

Sept 7: 'To the Lighthouse'
An incredibly warm day in Whitby which turned blustery with dramatic skies on the pier:

Sept 8: 'The spice-jar malfunction'

Sept 9: 'Where would I be without it?'
I really do wonder what life would look like if I hadn't learned so much watching that show.

Sept 10: 'The blog series which keeps on keeping on'

I love it when this happens!

Sept 11: 'What women think this season'
To make up for all the thinking ... I spent the afternoon sifting through magazine clippings and books to find the perfect words to illustrate my pages:
And finding just the thing makes me happier than I care to admit [and my dining room table messier than I dare show you!]:

Thanks for the feedback on my newest feature 'It's A Sign' ... now I know there are some kindred spirits out there I can't wait to share more with you. I actually want to show you all my favourite signs like right now ... but I know I need to pace myself and spread them out over the coming months instead!

Before then ...

I'll be back tomorrow with a project using The Octopode Factory stamps and with news of that blog series I woke-up planning in my latest journal entry!

Until then, batten down the hatches and hold on tight ... it's looking like we're in for a blustery night.

Julie x


  1. Battening down - though it's gone calm here with a lovely full moon ... I love your whimsical and witty pages (as well as your learning). New blog series? Branding? Eeek, you've come over all marketing-speak! Holding on to my hat for the opening shot, and looking forward to it already. :)

  2. Brilliant pages, I especially love the one with the lighthouse, it makes me feel wistful! X

  3. Your pages are so so fun to look at!!! I love your magazine snippets and I can not wait to hear about the new blog series you're cooking up for us!!!! :D

  4. LOVE this notebook and the page designs Julie- this is so much cooler than the smashbooks I'm seeing everywhere lately.

  5. These pages are so inspirational. They look so.....well free is the one word that comes to mind. My pages are so structured but I shall try tonight to make mine more free. Thank you.

  6. Really inspiring Julie - I do love a collage!

    Rosie Scott-Massie,Masham Gallery

  7. each lesson is lovely to read with all your little details...loving it!

  8. Hi Julie, So I'm scrolling down, reading your lessons and thinking what a brilliant idea to just use a notebook... when I suddenly scream - OMG that's me! I'm still working my way slowly through your Twitter tutorials. Enjoying. Being followed by some completely random people! I think I will end up being one of the followers of many rather than tweeting much myself, but I totally get the point of it now. Thanks. Julie x

  9. I hadn't heard about the whale... now I am trying not Google about it!

    Love your pages and I must admit, a sneaky peek at your dining table might make me feel a whole lot better about mine ;)


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