Monday 26 September 2011

Journal: LSNED Days 18-23


How is / was your Monday? I managed to finish off a mini-book for Papercraft Inspirations, conquer the camera-timer so I could take outfit photos of myself and make a rather tasty chilli-con-carne using homegrown tomatoes ... so I'm calling that A Good Day.

I do have more Purple Phase posts to come this week but I thought I'd get as up-to-date as I can with my Learn Something New Every Day pages.  I really appreciate the great feedback you've been leaving for me about them ... thank you. Some of the comments have made me consider making a some sort of tutorial / step-by-step type thing in a similar style ... so if that's something you'd like to see, just let me know.

Here we go then ...

Sept 18: 'Captured'
While giving the sofa its annual [if it's lucky] cleaning and vacuuming pampering-session I turned around to be greeted by a lens:

Sept 19: 'Breathe ... and try again .. and again.'

Sept 20: 'Signature Style'
When Shimelle's prompt mentioned thinking about our signature style there were certain things which leaped to mind immediately. I'm sure there are others ... but I put down the most obvious. I find it both strange and reassuring to realise that I do have an identifiable 'me' style.

Sept 21: 'Matters'
If I'm going to have to suffer Death-by-Powerpoint all day ... telling me what I do at work matters is a good way to start the day!
Sept 22: 'Speaking Up'
So, I spoke up and it was fine. But I wanted to say SO much more. [It's probably best I didn't though ... for now.]

I don't know where 'Mr. Smith' comes into this .. but this snippet fits the theme and made me smile!

Sept 23: 'Books lovely books'
Unlike the model I used on this page, I didn't actually wear a leather mini-skirt and caress the bookshelves in the Helmsley bookshop ... else I might not have come away with quite as many bargains as I did.

I might have been politely escorted out instead!

Thanks for dropping in today. I'll see you very soon with an Purple Phase post.

Julie :-)


  1. The last picture and comment made me smile as I got a few bargains there last month to use in my journalling. Happy times :0)

  2. You have such a great talent, yes please to a tutorial. I wish I could art journal, I lap up as much info on them as I can, but I suppose atsome point I need to jump in :)

  3. I love your collage style.. yes tutorials please.. love it... I do paper collage too.. and yet we are all unique and different.. I'd love to learn more about your process! hugs xo

  4. Oh, yes, please do do a tutorial - I'd really like to learn/practise. Looking forward to more purpleness: I am preparing (eek) to dye a skirt purple in your honour. AND I made a LO today with lilacs and purples ...

  5. I'm all for tutorials, although I think once upon a time I was relaxed enough to follow along, now I'm not so sure!

  6. I'd love a tutorial. In the weekend I endeavoured to create some pages "in your style" but I didn't get it right. I think I am scared of white space. I also love how you put together tiny pieces of this and that and it works. I worry too much about what goes with what, logical left brain works too hard. LOL

  7. I've never colleged, but you make it looks so fun!

  8. I remember seeing that you had actually created some of the layouts for this project before you filled them in? This is something I would very much like to see a tutorial in as I usually find I'm not able to do a whole page at once (as I'm disabled) so end up not starting at all.


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